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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2171-2180

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2171
“Go on ahead,” replied Gerald.

Fast forward to half an hour later, Aiden returned with some food he got from the nearby convenience store. Following that, the trio sat around the table and ate together. Honestly, after eating so much Japanese food, they had started seeing the appeal in its taste. Of course, there was still a pretty big gap between the food here and good old Westoner food…

Regardless, once they finished their meals, the trio returned to their rooms to rest…

Once morning came, Gerald and Master Ghost headed to the training ground’s entrance to wait while Aiden ran off to look for Fujiko. Shortly after, however, the duo came across Ichiro and his secretary instead.

Realizing that Gerald was all packed up to leave, Ichiro told his secretary to wait at the side as he quickly walked toward Gerald before saying, “Oh? Leaving already, brother Gerald?”

“Indeed. My friend’s done with his competition, so I may as well just leave with him,” explained Gerald with a nod.

“I see… It’s a shame that you have to leave before the case gets solved… Regardless, I should mention that while we were investigating earlier this morning, a person apparently left one of the hotels last night! Our surveillance cameras followed him till the point he entered a barren area that was too far for the final camera to capture… In other words, the suspicious

Individual should be long gone now…” muttered Ichiro in a slightly disappointed tone.

“The final surveillance camera? I’m assuming you don’t have any cameras set up in the barren area, then?” asked Gerald despite knowing the answer to his question.

“Well, it wouldn’t make sense to place surveillance cameras in a barren area… Either way, that man probably realized this and used it to his advantage to escape… Still, we do have his picture and some footage of him, so if we manage to issue a tracking warrant, we may be able to track him down!” explained Ichiro who didn’t mind sharing all this with Gerald. After all, it

Was Gerald’s pointers that allowed them to pinpoint the escaping man in the first place.

Nodding in response, Gerald then replied, “I see. All the best in capturing him!”

Honestly, Gerald was finding the situation to be quite funny. After all, with how quick Amare was, Gerald was pretty sure that he could’ve easily evaded the investigation team and left Japan’s borders unnoticed. Even if Amare slipped up and the investigation team found him, they wouldn’t have been able to harm him at all…

Whatever the case was, Ichiro then saluted as he declared, “Thank you, brother Gerald!”

Shortly after, Aiden and Fujiko arrived, and the four got into a car before leaving the training ground for good…

Throughout their journey to the Futaba manor, Gerald kept one hand on the steering wheel while his arm rested against the car’s window. After a brief silence in the car, Gerald eventually said in a casual tone, “You know, an assassin tried to kill me last night. With how capable he was, I have a feeling that he’s from the international assassin list. Due to how pricey it can get to hire such men, I’m assuming he was hired by Kai.”

Naturally, that statement was for Fujiko since Aiden and Master Ghost already knew about this. Regardless, upon hearing that, Fujiko immediately tensed up before scanning Gerald from head to toe as she asked, “Are you hurt?!”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. In fact, I got rid of the assassin as well,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

Though she was relieved to hear that, Fujiko soon smacked the dashboard before angrily yelling, “The Kanagawas truly have gone too far this time…! First they hired the Hanyus… Now international assassins?!”

“Indeed… How do you plan on settling this?” asked Gerald. In the end, this had to do with the Futabas as well, so it was best to make things as clear as possible…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2172
“… We should discuss this with my father. With how big the issue’s gotten to the point where Kai’s started hiring international assassins, I’d rather not make the final call on my own…” muttered Fujiko as she shook her head, prompting Gerald to remain silent…

It was around noon when the four of them arrived at the Futaba manor. Thankfully, Gerald didn’t sense any hiding individuals nearby anymore.

Either way, upon stepping out of the car, the group was greeted by the sight of Takuya’s secretary who had been waiting outside for them this entire time. Upon seeing them, the secretary quickly held onto the things Fujiko was carrying before saying, “Miss Fujiko! Mr. Crawford! Do come in! The master’s been waiting for you!”

Simply nodding in response, the group then entered the manor… and soon enough, they came across Takuya who had been waiting for them in the parlor.

Getting to his feet the moment he saw them, Takuya took a brief glance at Aiden and Master Ghost before turning to look at Gerald and exclaiming, “You’re back! I’ve already told my servants to prepare a grand meals so hurry on in! As for the two brothers at the back, just make yourselves at home and join us!”

Nodding in response, the group of five then entered the dining room and sat around the table. Once seated, Fujiko was prompted to say, “Um… There’s something I need to tell you, father…”

“Oh? What is it?” asked Takuya as he turned to look at his daughter.

Before Fujiko could say anything else, Gerald quickly interrupted, “It’s nothing major. It can certainly wait till lunch is over!”

Gerald, for one, knew that if Fujiko told Takuya all this before lunch, Takuya would probably lose his appetite. Telling him a bit later wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway.

Suddenly seeing things from Gerald’s perspective, Fujiko quickly added, “… Yeah, it can definitely wait!”

“… I see! Well, then after lunch it is! Speaking of which, I hired a new chef two days ago, and he’s a Westoner! With that said, do tell me whether the food is to your liking later!” replied Takuya who was much too glad to see Gerald home to be bothered by his daughter’s hesitance.

“Definitely!” declared Gerald with a hearty laugh. With that, the group of five chatted happily among themselves for the next half hour till food began being served.

Seeing that they were going to eat soon, Takuya quickly cleared his throat before saying, “Just to make things clear, Gerald’s friends are my friends, so you two won’t have many rules restricting you within the manor. With that said, while I’d love to let you two stay here for a few days and potentially even get someone to guide you around for a tour, the manor’s not exactly the safest place for you to stay in now…”

Takuya, for one, was well aware that he couldn’t afford to bear the responsibility of those two’s injuries if he allowed them to stay here and something happened to them…

Clearing his own throat, Gerald then replied, “…Well, you see, I was planning on letting them stay here for the time being. I’ll have to trouble you to prepare two guest rooms for them that are close to where I’m currently staying…”

“But… You, of all people, should know my family’s current conditions, brother Gerald… If they stay here, there’s a good chance that they’ll…” muttered Takuya, looking rightfully embarrassed.

“Trust me when I say that it’ll be more dangerous for them if they don’t stay here. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they remain safe. Even if something does happen to them, I’ll be the one responsible. None of it will have anything to do with the Futabas!” declared Gerald with a smile.

“… Since you put it that way… Fine. I’ll agree to it! You there, go arrange for two guest rooms close to Mr. Crawford’s room!” ordered Takuya after momentarily hesitating as he looked at his secretary.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2173
“Understood! ” replied the secretary with a nod before quickly leaving the parlor…

Soon enough, all the dishes were served, and before everyone laid at least a dozen Weston dishes. Aside from the chicken and fish, the rest honestly looked like ordinary home cooked dishes. Even so, just the foods’ smell alone and the way they were presented made everyone aware that this was the work of a top notch chef…

Since all the food had arrived, the smiling Takuya quickly began distributing chopsticks as he said, “Come on, enjoy the food while it’s hot, and tell me if it’s to your liking! Honestly, ever since brother Gerald came, I’ve been growing fonder and fonder of Weston food! Truth be told, I wasn’t even sure if I’d ever get used to Weston food back when Fujiko implored me to try some!”

“See? I told you so! ” replied the pleased Fujiko.

Following that, everyone enjoyed their meals without saying much in between bites. Once all the dishes were finished, Takuya ordered his servants to clear the table and serve them some tea.

After the tea arrived, Takuya turned to look at everyone else at the table before asking, “So… I remember you saying that there was something you wanted to tell me earlier… Now that we’ve had our meals, care to share?”

Sipping on the tea that Takuya had just handed him, Gerald then calmly replied, “Well, I was attacked by an assassin from the international assassin list. I’m assuming he was hired by the Kanagawas.”

Upon hearing that, Takuya was so surprised that he almost dropped the teapot! His hands now trembling, Takuya quickly asked in a hushed tone, “… What?”

“Again, I’m only assuming that it was the Kanagawas, so there’s no need to get too worked up,” replied Gerald with a slight frown.

“How couldn’t I get worked up? In case you’ve forgotten, the two assassins from before are still in this manor!” muttered Takuya after taking in a few deep breaths.

“Speaking of those two, they’re apparently known as Endo and Izumi. They’re both Hanyus sent by Hanyu Ryugu of the Hanyu assassination department. As with the previous case, I have a feeling that the Kanagawas are behind this, though I can’t say for sure,” replied Gerald.

“They’re… Hanyus…?” muttered Takuya as his face turned slightly pale.

Their families had been living peacefully for over a hundred years now… How could all that change in less than a month? Not only had the Hanyus sent people to assassinate his daughter, but they also attempted to assassinate his guest! Had Gerald not been present in those two events, his daughter could’ve been dead by now…!

“Indeed… Either way, the Kanagawas are my prime suspect in all this… After all, the Hanyus are an assassin family. Why on earth would they hire an international assassin to do their dirty work instead? And since Endo and Izumi went after me instead of Fujiko, it only gives me more reason to believe that Kai’s the one behind all this. With that said, how are you planning to solve all this, patriarch Takuya?” asked Gerald as he sipped on more tea.

“… I’ll need time to think about this… After all, one wrong decision may bring harm to us all…” muttered the now frowning Takuya as he leaned against his chair, wondering how to go about all this…

Honestly, he was tempted to just pick a fight with both families and attempt to brute force his way to Victory.

However, Takuya knew better than to do that. After all, while Gerald would certainly be able to guarantee his daughter’s safety, the rest of his family would quickly crumble against the other two families. But if they just remained on the defensive, they’d surely be attacked over and over again till they eventually lost…

Feeling helpless, Takuya was prompted to ask, “… What about you, Gerald…? What do you think?”

“Well… I can get rid of the Kanagawas first. Though I could choose to finish off the Hanyus first, they’re still an entire family of assassins. With that said, I’ll need more time to prepare if I wish to take the Hanyus out,” replied Gerald who had honestly been waiting for Takuya to ask…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2174
Upon hearing that, Takuya immediately shook his head with a chuckle before saying, “… You’re joking, right…?”

While it was true that Gerald was inhumanly strong, there was no way he was going to be able to take on such a large and powerful family alone, right…?

“Oh, I meant every word I said, patriarch Takuya. Do you not believe me?” asked Gerald in a serious tone, signifying that he wouldn’t joke about something like this. After all, getting the Futabas out of this crisis was his one way ticket to learning the secrets of the Seadom tribe.

Thinking about all the times Gerald had protected his daughter and putting Gerald’s serious tone into consideration, Takuya eventually replied, “… I believe you!”

“Good. With that said, just give me some time to exterminate the Kanagawas. As for Endo and Izumi, I propose that we end them as soon as possible,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“Well, had they not had the information we needed, I would’ve killed them ages ago. Now that we know their identities, however, there’s no reason to continue letting them live!” declared Takuya as he nodded in agreement.

“That’s good to hear. Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be heading out first. I’ll be back before night,” replied Gerald as he got to his feet.

“Oh? Where to?” asked Takuya.

“I’m just going to where the Yamashitas are. I still have some questions that need answering,” replied Gerald, remembering the promise that old man had made with him back then. Gerald still found it hard to believe that that old man had helped them slip past Ryugu…

Hearing that, Takuya was momentarily taken aback ash e exclaimed, “You… Know the Yamashitas?”

“Actually, before that, have you contacted them before, father?” asked Fujiko who just recalled what that old man had said to her back then.

“… Huh? Why would I have contacted them? If I had, our family wouldn’t be in such a poor state today! After all, there are infamous rumors that the Yamashitas have ninjas in their family!” replied Takuya as he shook his head.

“… But… that old man said…” muttered Fujiko, clearly at a loss. After all, if her father hadn’t contacted that old man before, why would that old man have said that he had met her before as a child?

Knowing that her father wouldn’t lie to her, a sudden thought came to Fujiko, prompting her to look at Gerald. From what she could now guess, the old man had probably only stepped in because of Gerald. In other words, he must have only said that to deceive Ryugu.

“… Old man? What old man? Actually, hold on, why’s the Yamashita family suddenly involved?” asked the confused Takuya.

“Just know that it isn’t a bad thing, patriarch Takuya. Regardless, I’ll be off now. If anything happens, I’ll be sure to tell you when I return,” replied Gerald.

Hearing that, Takuya breathed a sigh of relief before saying, “… Alright, then. Take care!”

Watching as Gerald headed outside, Fujiko quickly got up as well as she shouted, “Wait! I’m coming with you!”

As the two left the scene, Takuya could only scratch the back of his head as he turned to look at Aideen and

Master Ghost who were still drinking tea there.

“Just so you know, all this happened without us being there. With that said, there’s no point in asking about the situation from us, patriarch Takuya,” explained Master Ghost.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2175
“… I see. Well, you two go ahead and rest first, then. If there’s anything you need, just tell me,” replied Takuya, who knew that he could only await Gerald’s return if he wanted any answers.

Moving back to Gerald and Fujiko, the duo quickly got into one of the Futaba cars and began driving to where the Yamashitas lived…

On their way there, Fujiko couldn’t help but look at Gerald as she asked, “You… really don’t know anything about that old man…?”

To Futaba, Gerald was like a rubik’s cube. Despite the fact that he had been living in her manor and she had known him for about a month now, she still felt that she knew very little about him…

“Fujiko, you and your family are locals and you hardly know anything about them. What makes you think I’d know anything about the Yamashitas? To be quite frank, I’m heading there to learn more about that old man myself,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

“I see… Still, if we had the Yamashitas supporting us, things would definitely go much smoother…” muttered Fujiko with a sigh. Even though she was the ‘Queen of Soldiers’, she was still much weaker than them…

“Though things may be difficult, I’m willing to fight through it all,” replied Gerald with a nod.

Soon enough, the sky started turning dark. It was then when the duo finally saw the barren mountain again…

Once they were at the foot of the mountain, Gerald parked the car there. They were now in Yamashita territory, and he knew that the area where he had fought the Hanyu assassins was not far ahead.

However, upon walking further into the territory, both of them realized that the corpses had been cleared away. Though the tang of blood no longer remained, upon paying closer attention, dry bloodstains still remained on the ground. Unless the Yamashitas turned the soil over or added a layer of soil on top, the bloodstains would probably remain for a month or two.

With how few people actually came here, there was little chance for the stains to be trodden on as well, thus leaving the stains visible for much longer…

Shortly after, eight men each wielding a longsword donning traditional Japanese garments came running over to the two. Once they stood before the duo, one of the men asked, “Who are you two?”

“Greetings. I am Futaba Fujiko from the Futaba family. I’m here to pay your family a visit,” replied Fujiko in a polite tone.

“You should know that the Yamashitas don’t accept guests, so please leave at once. If the elders realize that you ’re here, we’ll surely be punished!” replied the same man.

“Before that, allow me to explain a bit further. You see, we came here a few days ago and ended up fighting with the Hanyus at this very spot. Back then, an old gentleman stepped in to help us settle things, and he told me to return someday. With that said, I’m here now, so please report our arrival to him, brother,” explained Gerald who couldn’t help but feel that he was

Conversing with a cultivating family back in Weston.

After all, based on how they dressed and what they said, it seemed that they were still upholding traditions that had been passed down for thousands of years…

“…Hmm? So you’re the Westoner who killed all those Hanyu assassins?” replied the man, feeling slightly startled as he scanned Gerald from head to toe.

“The one and only,” said Gerald with a smile.

“…I see. Please wait here as I report this, then. Actually, before that… If you wish to fight next time, please don’t do it here… We spent an entire day clearing this place up, you know? It gets pretty tiring,” muttered the man a she nodded.

“I apologize for all the trouble,” replied Gerald with a sheepish grin.

“You’d better be… Just look at those bloodstains! They’re nearly impossible to remove…” said the man as he pointed at the stains while shaking his head.

Following that, the eight men left together.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2176
A short while later, the man returned alone before saying, “Elder has invited you in!”

“Thank you for sending him the message,” replied Gerald as he placed his palm and fist together before entering the area with Fujiko…

After walking for about ten minutes, the duo finally arrived at the old man’s home. Since the man hadn’t guided them there, the duo had made their way here solely from memory.

Regardless, as Gerald pushed the house’s door open, he made sure to whisper, “Speaking of which, once we meet the old man, don’t say a thing. I’d like to test him first…”

“Got it,” replied Fujiko with a nod.

With that, the duo walked toward the parlor where the old man could be seen sitting on the tatami floor.

Before him, was a bottle kettle, and despite noticing Gerald and Fujiko’s presence, he didn’t move an inch. Knowing that the old man could speak in the Weston language and since there wasn’t anyone else around, Gerald didn’t bother speaking in his awkward Japanese and simply said, “I’ve come to visit you, old man.”

“So you have. Is the competition over?” asked the old man as he turned to look at Gerald.

“It just ended,” replied Gerald as he sat in front of the old man.

“I see… Are you here to ask about why I helped you back then?” asked the old man as he served some tea to both Gerald and Fujiko.

“Pretty much,” replied Gerald who saw no reason to lie.

“Truth be told, I just didn’t want you to have another conflict with that man. After all, you had already killed several of his men by that point, and I didn’t want to have to clean up more bodies. So there you have it, the reason I allowed you to sneak off,” explained the old man with a smile as he stroked his beard.

“… Is that truly all?” asked Gerald in slight disbelief.

“What other reasons could there be? After all, we had never met before at that point in time. Either way, since you’re already here, why don’t you have some tea with me?” asked the old man as he gestured at the teacup before Gerald.

Getting the old man’s hint, Gerald turned to look at Fujiko before saying, “… Could you look around outside for the moment, Fujiko? There’s something I’d like to discuss with him in private…”

“Pardon me, then,” replied Fujiko as she got to her feet and left the room…

Gerald made sure to follow her to the door before closing it behind her. With the door now shut, Gerald turned to look at the old man before calmly saying, “Now that we’re alone, you can say anything you want… I assure you that anything you say won’t leave this room.”

“Oh? You surprisingly know quite a lot, kid!” replied the old man with a chuckle.

“Well, you did help us escape Ryugu that day. What’s more, you even revealed that you were a Westoner before we left. How couldn’t I figure that there was more to why you did all that?” said Gerald.

“I see… Before that, I’d like to clarify that I had been keeping an eye out on you ever since you entered our territory… With that said, with your abilities, taking Ryugu down would’ve been a cinch for you, no?” asked the old man as he continued stroking his beard.

“You’re not wrong,” replied Gerald.

“Hmm… Well, at the very least, the part where I didn’t want you two to get into too much trouble is true,” said the old man.

“But why even bother? After all, we had just met for the first time and as far as I know, the Yamashitas hardly have any contact with the outside world,” replied Gerald in a curious tone.

“You truly do know quite a lot…”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2177
“As you’ve said, the Yamashitas don’t contact other families a lot, but putting that aside… You have the Herculean Primordial Spirit within you, correct?” asked the old man after staring at Gerald for a while.

Upon hearing that, Gerald could only chuckle awkwardly. Though the old man had seen through him, he didn’t really want to admit it. After all, Gerald was well aware that talented and capable people were targeted a lot. In fact, it was exactly because of his power that resulted in his trouble with the military department as well as the three large families of Yanam!

“So it is true… Well, I’m just glad that you know how to conceal your treasure well,” added the old man with a grin.

Nodding slowly, Gerald then looked at the old man for a while before finally asking, “Who… exactly are you, old man…? I’m sure you’re not just the elder of the Yamashita family, right…?”

Gerald had a multitude of questions in his head. First off, how was a Westoner the elder of the Yamashita family? How had he gotten involved in this family rumored to have ninjas? And how did he even know about the Herculean Primordial Spirit? Not many cultivators from Weston even knew about it!

Upon hearing Gerald’s question, the old man’s tone suddenly became serious as he replied, “… Do you really wish to know?”

Watching as Gerald nodded in response, the old man then sighed as his cloudy eyes momentarily hinted that he was reminiscing… And shortly after, the old man said, “Well… For one, I knew your grandfather pretty well back then… We used to travel together in Weston many years ago, you know? Unfortunately, we ended up parting ways due to our differing opinions… Truth be told, when I first saw you, I almost thought you were him. You’re his spitting image, from your physique,

Appearance, right down to your personality!”

“… What? You know Daryl?” replied Gerald as he instantly frowned. With how tightly he was holding onto the now quivering teacup, the old man felt that if Gerald gripped any harder, the cup would surely shatter.

“I did… Well, the old him, at least Also, he’s your grandfather, no? Why are you calling him by his name?” asked the old man as he raised a slight brow.

“I’d very much prefer not to have a grandfather like him,” replied Gerald with a snort.

While it was true that the grandfather he remembered as a child was a kind old man before he disappeared from his life, the revelation that Daryl was his parents’ and sister’s abductor was simply too much for Gerald to willingly overlook.

Regardless, upon hearing that, the shocked old man was prompted to ask, “Is… there some sort of misunderstanding between the two of you…?”

“I’d rather not talk about him, old man… Either way, I’m just wondering if you helped us back then due to the fact that I’m Daryl’s grandson?” replied Gerald as he raised his hand to stop the old man from asking any further.

“… No, of course not. I merely felt like talking about him since you’re his descendant. Regardless, the main reason I helped you is because you’re currently hosting the Herculean Primordial Spirit,” explained the old man as he shook his head with a smile.

Suddenly feeling much more vigilant, Gerald then asked, “…Could you elaborate?”

If this old man truly was after his Herculean Primordial Spirit, then he would have to figure out how to quickly leave this place with Fujiko. Naturally, that meant that he would have to offend yet another powerful family…

Looking at how vigilant Gerald had suddenly become, the old man couldn’t help but laugh before saying, “It’s a long story. If you’re interested in hearing the full thing, do stay for a few more days. In return, I just want you to update me on Daryl’s situation. After all, it’s been ages since I’ve last met him.”

“… Deal!” replied Gerald.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2178
Gerald was only agreeing since this old man seemed to know Daryl well. With that in mind, Gerald couldn’t deny that he was curious about his grandfather’s past. After all, though he had met him as a child, his memories of Daryl were vague, to say the least. Perhaps with this old man’s help, he would be able to learn why his present grandfather underwent such a drastic change…

“Excellent. Then do have some more tea as we continue chatting. I’ll get a room prepared for you two by tonight. Speaking of which, isn’t it high time you told her to come back inside? After all, there really isn’t anything to hide. Besides, you two are a couple, no?” replied the old man with a smile.

“You knew…?” said Gerald as he scratched the back of his head.

“While we don’t directly contact those from the outside world, it doesn’t mean that we’re left oblivious about what happens out there,” replied the old man with a nod.

Not knowing how to respond to that, Gerald then invited Fujiko in again, making sure to shut the door tight once she was inside. After all, he didn’t want any strangers hearing anything about Daryl’s past.

Once Gerald and Fujiko were seated at the table, the old man who was holding onto a cup of hot tea slowly began rocking back and forth as he said, “Let’s see… It was about fifty years ago when the incident between me and your grandfather occurred… “

As it turned out, Daryl and this old man were once disciples of Brecken Longman, a famous cultivator in Weston, at least at the time. Learning under Brecken atop a hill, the two were senior and junior for at least a decade before they both graduated. After graduation, Daryl returned to his family, determined to make it prosper. As for the old man, he chose to follow Daryl, wanting to help his senior.

It was when the Crawford family started rising the ranks in the cultivation world when Daryl and the old man started having differing views. For one, Daryl wanted to bring the Crawfords into the secular world. His plan was to use the family’s power in exchange for riches. However, the old man was against this. After all, Weston cultivators hardly ever got involved with the secular world, yet Daryl was proposing to start a business!

Due to their differing views, in the end, the two ended up parting ways. After leaving the Crawford family, the old man traveled the world until eventually, he ended up getting chosen to become the elder of the Yamashita family after helping the family out when they needed it most.

After hearing the old man’s side of the story, Gerald couldn’t help but feel slightly emotional.

As for the old man, he then sighed before adding, “So… Yes, that’s pretty much the summarized version of what happened… Thinking back, your grandfather’s decision was honestly the right one. After all, he genuinely was considering the future of the family…”

While it was true that the old man had considered moving back to Weston before this, he had simply grown too used to staying here by that point.

Whatever the case was, Gerald who hadn’t heard about all this from his father before simply nodded in response…

Now that he was done sharing his part of the story, the old man looked expectantly at Gerald before asking, “So… Now that I’m done, how are things with your grandfather? Is he still living with you?”

“Not really,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

Momentarily stunned to hear that, the old man’s hands started shaking to the point where tea was starting to spill before he eventually asked, “Has… he passed away…?”

“He’s alive and well, though he’s no longer in the Crawford family… Or should I say, he’s no longer in the old Crawford family,” replied Gerald with a bitter smile. To be completely honest, he secretly still hoped that Daryl was the same grandfather he used to know as a child…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2179
“… Hmm? What do you mean by that…?” asked the old man, clearly feeling confused.

“Well, he’s left my family to establish a new cultivating Crawford family atop an island beyond the Yanam sea that I’ve unfortunately yet to locate…” replied Gerald with a sigh.

“He’s… established another Crawford family…? But that can’t be! The old Daryl valued his family more than his old life! With that said, why would he just abandon you and establish a new family?” exclaimed the old man as his eyes widened in disbelief.

Shrugging, Gerald simply replied, “Beats me…”

Now feeling that he was hearing something more akin to a fairy tale, the old man asked, “…Alright, so… How’s the relationship between the two families…?”

“Well, my Crawford family isn’t connected with the other one. I should also note that I’m the only one left in my family,” explained Gerald.

“… What? What about your parents? While I don’t know much about you, I clearly remember my sister-in-law giving birth to a girl before I left. That should be your sister, right? What happened to her and your parents? Don’t tell me all three of them met with misfortune…?” replied the old man with a frown.

“Negative. Currently, they’ve been abducted by Daryl…” muttered Gerald as he shook his head.

“… They were… what? You… you’re just making all this up, right…?” asked the old man in his utter shock. After all, all this was simply too bizarre! His old friend couldn’t just start a new family of his own before abducting his son and daughter-in-law’s family, right…?

“Unfortunately, it’s the truth. My parents and sister are currently being locked up somewhere on their island. I should also note that though my girlfriend’s been abducted by the Sun League, I have a feeling that my grandfather’s involved…” replied Gerald with a sigh.

Unable to handle all this information, the old man leaped to his feet, his face contorted in disbelief as he yelled, “What?!”

“I only speak the truth…” muttered Gerald who honestly wanted all this to just be fake.

“… Unbelievable… I clearly remember how cordially Daryl treated your parents and the rest of your family back then… How did all this come to be…?” said the old man as he slowly sat down again.

Gerald himself remained silent, not knowing what else to say about Daryl…

Back when he was six, he had thought that his grandfather was the kindest man alive… However, one day, he simply left… To think that when Daryl finally returned once Gerald was an adult, his first move was to abduct his parents and sister! This Daryl was nothing like the grandfather Gerald used to love!

Regardless, after pondering for a while, the old man eventually asked, “… You mentioned an island, right? What’s the island called?”

“Yearning Island!” replied Gerald without the slightest hesitation. Since the old man was extremely capable and was also the elder of the Yamashitas, Gerald secretly hoped that the old man would know something about that island.

Unfortunately, Gerald was quickly disappointed when the old man stroked his beard for a while before shaking his head and saying, “…I’m afraid I’ve never heard of that island before…”

“… Don’t worry, I just found out about it quite recently as well,” replied Gerald as he sighed. Still, he wasn’t overly disappointed since he kind of expected this answer as well.

“I see… Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to locate it for you. I should specify that I still believe that Daryl isn’t the kind of person to do all this without a good reason,” muttered the old man as he shook his head.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2180
Following that, the three avoided talking about Daryl for a while, choosing to drink their tea instead…

Sometime later, the old man turned to look at Fujiko before asking, “… The Futabas have had a long standing feud with the Hanyus, correct?”

Momentarily caught off guard, Fujiko quickly snapped out of it before replying, “… Indeed… Though, I didn’t expect you to know about this…”

“I’ll have you know that we Yamashitas are quite knowledgeable about what happens beyond our territory… Regardless, while we did know about your feud, we never expected your families to actually start attacking each other,” explained the old man who was now feeling much better after not talking about Daryl for a while.

“To be honest, the feud only began again quite recently. While I still don’t know what the Hanyu family’s motive is, they suddenly sent assassins after my head some time ago… Had Gerald not stepped in to help me back then, I could’ve died back there…” muttered Fujiko as she wondered what was going on in the Hanyu family members’ minds.

After all, in the past, the most they did was ignore each other’s presence when their families crossed paths.

“I see… Further investigation is definitely needed… Putting that aside for now, since your family’s currently in trouble, I’m Willing to lend a hand,” replied the old man.

“You… wish to help the Futabas?” asked Fujiko as she turned to look at Gerald.

“More specifically, I’m doing this for Gerald’s sake. Since he’s currently living with your family, it’s only natural that I make sure he stays safe. While I’m at it, I may as well protect the Futabas, ” explained the old man.

“Even so, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!” replied Fujiko who wasn’t about to say no to this since her family was still in danger. With the Yamashita family’s help, they now had a chance to stand against the Kanagawas and the Hanyus…!

Nodding in response, the old man then faced his window before shouting, “Alright, gather some of our men and tell them to head to the Futaba manor! Once you’ re there, tell Takuya that you’re friends of Gerald’s and have him arrange some rooms for you to stay in! After all that, make sure to keep your eyes peeled at all times! If anyone tries to look for trouble with the Futabas, get rid of them immediately!”

Almost immediately after, dozens of footsteps could suddenly be heard running off into the distance.

Raising a slight brow, Gerald curiously asked, “Say… Are there really ninjas in this family…?”


“Could you show one to me…?” asked Gerald, who had always wanted to see a real ninja.

Upon hearing that, the old man exposed his palm and all of a sudden, a flame appeared out of thin air! From what Gerald could tell, the old man wasn’t hiding anything that could’ve produced the flame. It was almost magical…

As for Fujiko, she was so shocked that her mouth was already gaping by this point. Scenes like these only happened in movies… How was any of this real…?

“The power to control elements is a ninja’s true power,” explained the old man as the flame slowly died out. Even so, the warmth of the fire remained.

“Ninjas really do exist…!” muttered Gerald, feeling slightly excited now.

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