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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2201

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2201
Watching as the two subordinates then glared viciously at him looking like they were ready to pounce the second he disagreed, Suke could only yell, “H-how absolutely vile…!”

Following that, Suke immediately closed the door, knowing that he would die if he even attempted to leave. Thinking back, his death would probably be more beneficial to them. After all, not only would there be one less insider who knew about the Futaba targeting incident, but they’d also be free to take all the benefits for themselves!

Now that he finally realized all this, Suke was already regretting immediately rushing here after suffering through all that humiliation. Had he thought this through back then, he could ’ve brought along two strong confidants with him! If that had happened, he wouldn’t have ended up being cornered this pitifully!

Either way, after thinking about all this for a while, Suke sighed as he placed his hand on the table, hoping to get his phone and call someone to save him. However, when he couldn’t feel anything there, Suke raised a slight brow as he turned to look at the table… only to realize that his phone was gone!

Slamming his fist onto the table, Suke guessed that Ryugu must have taken his phone away earlier! Now that he didn’t have his phone anymore, Suke could no longer contact others…!

Ryugu, on the other hand, had walked quite a distance away by this point. Fishing out the phone that he had stolen from Suke, Ryugu then looked at it for a while before tossing it to the floor and stomping on it! It was only once the phone had snapped in half when Ryugu finally left, worry free.

As for the trio, they were already making their way back to the Futaba manor when Aiden who had honestly been prepared to go all out today couldn’t help but ask, “So… Why didn’t we get rid of them today…?”

Smiling subtly in response, Gerald simply replied, “They’re an assassin family, Aiden. It won’t be easy to truly get rid of them. Besides, I already left them a warning.”

“Still… are we not going to get rid of them at some point?” muttered Aiden.

“Let’s just see how things go first. If they behave themselves for a while, we can rethink taking them out. Besides, I’m still more interested in eliminating the Kanagawas first. If they don’t behave themselves till I’m done with Kai and his family, however, then they’ll be next in line!” explained Gerald.

Honestly, though he was earlier prepared to resolve everything once and for all, Gerald couldn’t help but change his mind the second he entered the manor. As it turned out, he had underestimated how strong the Hanyus truly were. For one, he hadn’t anticipated them to have so many assassins!

While he could definitely take care of them, Gerald was well aware that he’d need to use his Herculean Primordial Spirit. In other words, it would create a mess large enough for the entirety of Japan to realize that he had attacked the Hanyus, and he really didn’t want this to end up becoming another Yanam situation.

With that in mind, Gerald figured that he would only deal with them once and for all after they made their third assassination attempt. Since they had already tried assassinating both him and Fujiko, they were left with only one last chance before he finally lashed back.

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