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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2284

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2284
“Then, you can only continue searching here. It just so happens that I haven’t seen a single person here for decades, so you can chat with me.” The old man couldn’t help but show a smile on his face.

“Didn’t you go out and buy something just now?” Gerald glanced at the garbage he had just cleaned up.

“That’s different. If you were not here today, I would not have gone out. Before this, I would only go out once a week. If I keep staying in this stone chamber, I will turn into a psycho sooner or later.”

The old man rolled over and said, “Some years ago, there were still some people who tried to break in. I could still tease them for fun, but now, I don’t encounter those types anymore.”

“Tease them?”

Gerald raised his head and looked around the cave. Seeing the white bones on the ground, he suddenly felt a cold shiver running down his spine.

“I’m just joking.” The old man shook his head.

“By the way, did the former chief of Yanam come here before? I followed him to get here in the first place.”

Gerald suddenly thought of the previous incident and asked.

“He was just standing at the entrance. Apart from cultivators with Herculean Primordial Spirits, no one is allowed to come near this place. This is the rule set by our ancestors.” The old man rolled over again and looked at Gerald.

“It seems that I have to thank the Herculean Primordial Spirit in me, otherwise, I would have died here.” Gerald pointed at the piles of white bones and said with lingering fear.

“Not necessarily. With your ability, it’s impossible for you to barge in by force, but I wouldn’t be able to stop you either. Maybe you would have ended up with some serious injuries and run away.” The old man sized up Gerald as he responded.

“Serious injury…” Gerald felt that the old man was talking more and more boldly, so he stopped replying.

“By the way, Senior. I still have one question.” Gerald wanted to smoke. When he put his hand into his pocket, he touched the sea map and said hastily.

“Just ask” The old man said coolly.

“This sea map.” Gerald took out the sea map and walked toward the old man. “Previously, I saw the Yearning Island on this sea map, but it kept moving, and it only lasted less than a minute. Since then, I haven’t seen it anymore.”

“You want to ask me what happened and how to make it reappear, then with this map, you can confirm the exact location of the island and find a better way to get there?”

The old man took the sea map and looked at it twice before throwing it away casually.

“That’s right!” Hearing the old man say everything that was on his mind, Gerald nodded excitedly and waited quietly.

“I don’t know.” Who would have expected that the words that came out of the old man’s mouth would make Gerald feel incomparably depressed.

“I thought you would know.” Gerald retrieved the sea map and put it back safely into his pocket.

“I’m just a guardian here, not an encyclopedia. How would I know anything about those things?” The old man sat up and took out a metal box from the bedside. He took out a piece of cigarette paper and put a handful of tobacco on it. After rolling and sealing it with his saliva, be stuffed it into his mouth. “Do you have a lighter?”

“Yes.” Gerald took out his lighter and lit the cigarette for the old man. Then, he smoked one too.

“Although I don’t know anything about it, from what you’ve said, I feel that this Yearning Island is not an ordinary place. It should be very hard to locate it. I honestly don’t know how your grandfather found it in the first place.” The old man spoke as he smoked.

“If only I knew.” Gerald exhaled a puff of smoke and replied slowly.

“Let’s continue searching, then.” The old man stretched out his hand which was clutching the cigarette and pointed at the bookshelves.

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