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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2334

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2334
Despite his status, Walter looked less like a majestic family head and more like a father worried for his daughter’s life.

Regardless, upon hearing that, Third elder immediately bowed slightly before saying, “Indeed. His name is Gerald Crawford, and he’s still on the island. Yaacob is keeping an eye on him just in case he tries to leave…”

“What of his family’s background?” asked Walter.

“He appears to be a solitary cultivator. Strangely enough, I’ve yet to find out anything about his family’s background,” muttered Third elder, seemingly unconvinced with his own results.

“Are you absolutely sure? You know how impossible that sounds, right?” replied Walter with a sigh.

“…Well… Young mistress was the first to sense his Herculean Primordial Spirit… Even I was able to sense it when the boy for some odd reason attempted to enter Mount Nimbus last night…” explained Third elder as he shook his head.

“Come now, how could a solitary cultivator be the one to possess the Herculean Primordial Spirit! Have you scanned his power thoroughly enough to be absolutely sure that he owns it?” replied Walter with a wry laugh.

“We’re definitely planning to, though maybe that boy really is that lucky…?” said Third elder with a nod.

“Whatever the case is, bring him to me so that I can check for myself! The sooner we cure the cold poison in Mia’s body, the better!” replied Walter as he waved his hand, clearly only caring about his daughter’s recovery.

“About that… Young mistress has disallowed us from doing so…” said Third elder in an embarrassed tone.

“What..? What is that girl even thinking?” grumbled Walter.

“It’s best if you meet her yourself…” muttered Third elder in a slightly hesitantly.

“Where is she…” asked Walter with a sigh.

“She’s on the island…” replied Third elder.

“Bring her to me, and tell her to have an answer prepared for her reasoning. Seriously… I’ve searched for over ten years for the Herculean Primordial Spirit and now that it’s finally appeared, she says she doesn’t want to meet the boy? Does she really want to die in a year…?” grumbled Walter as he left the scene.

Third elder himself gave no reply, and simply followed Walter with the other clansmen.

It was about half an hour later when the young lady entered her father’s room.

Watching as Walter-who was seated on a long teak bench-stared at her, the surprised Mia couldn’t help but say, “Father..? What are you doing here so early…?”

She, for one, clearly remembered that her father had told her that he wouldn’t come over till the auctioning began since he had a more important meeting to attend to.

“If I didn’t come, all my hard work over the past ten years would’ve been for naught! ” replied Walter.

Momentarily freezing in place, Mia quickly said, “What could you be talking about, father?”

“Enough games, Mia. You’ve located the one who possesses the Herculean Primordial Spirit, correct?” replied Walter in a commanding tone.

“Third elder, did you…?” muttered Mia as she turned to look at the old man in gray who was standing close by.

“Indeed… You should know how critical this information is to the patriarch, so please don’ t be mad at me… ” replied Third elder as he looked to the side, embarrassed.

Knowing that there was no point hiding it any longer, Mia then took a deep breath before saying, “Yes, I’ve located him.”

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