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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2357

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2357

After all, they had been looking for Gerald—at the auction house—all afternoon to no avail. As a result, Will was anxious out of his mind. Had Gerald seen them and left the island in a hurry…? However, after giving it some thought, Will remembered that Gerald had never met him or Finch before. With that in mind, Gerald wouldn’t have had a reason to flee in the first place!

Understanding that, Will—who had now collected his thoughts again—scanned  the area one final time to ensure that Gerald wasn’t there before whispering to Finch, “…Let’s search again later. If you manage to spot him, make sure to never let  him out of your sight, understand?”

“…But… What if we’re discovered in the process?” asked Finch.

“Look, when else are we going to be able to get rid of him? Remember, though the patriarch said that he wanted to kill Gerald, he didn’t do the deed even when he received two clear chances to kill him before! What more, he’s only sent me to investigate that boy’s cultivation level! Never to kill! With that said, only a fool would continue believing Daryl’s words! Letting Gerald escape will only bring more trouble in the end!” scoffed Will with a snort, his hatred toward Gerald already beyond words.

Will, for one, knew that until Gerald was dead, he would remain uneasy. After all, even if he did attain the position as the patriarch’s successor, Daryl could easily replace him with Gerald if that old man really wanted to.

With that in mind, the sooner he got rid of Gerald, the better his chances of being able to retain his position as the patriarch’s successor. Gerald was literally the only thing in his way since Will knew for a fact that nobody else in his family was as capable as he was. Then again, the majority of the Crawfords were already supporting him.

Will’s train of thought was cut short when Finch rather hesitantly asked,  “…Um… can I ask a sensitive question, brother Will…?”

“Just say it!” grumbled the impatient Will, now thoroughly pissed after thinking so much about Gerald. Truth be told, he would’ve already exploded in rage if there weren’t other families present.

“…Well… What should we do if the patriarch finds out about all this…? After all, he’s already said that nobody’s allowed to meddle with this matter. With that said, if we’re found out, we’ll most definitely be punished…” muttered Finch, sounding rather worried.

After all, although Will was Daryl’s confidant and also the successor of the Crawford family, Finch still had to prioritize Daryl’s commands. It didn’t help that anyone who defied Daryl never met a good end. Finch, for one, had already witnessed a few of the punishments, and each of them was equally terrifying…

“As I’ve said, as long as we do the deed flawlessly and neither of us says a word about it, there’s no way he could know!” grumbled Will. Daryl was the last person he wanted to think of at the moment. After all, despite Daryl’s promise to make him the family’s successor, he still treated Gerald so well! It was truly enraging!

Honestly, he was now wishing for Daryl’s sudden death so that he could finally take his rightful place as the new patriarch! If that scenario came to be, then his first order would be to have Gerald killed at all costs! No longer would that boy cause him any more trouble in the future…!

“…But…” muttered Finch, clearly still worried. Doing all this perfectly was easier said than done. If they ended up getting found, they’d surely land in a world of trouble… It didn’t help that Gerald was the patriarch’s biological grandson. What’s more, nobody could tell what the patriarch was thinking!

Regardless, Will simply retorted, “No buts. If you’re that scared, then feel free to leave now!”

Upon hearing that, Finch clenched his fists before eventually declaring, “…I’m not…! ” Pleased to hear that, Will then ordered, “Good. Now hurry off and remember to tell me where Gerald’s staying the second you find out.”

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