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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 701-710

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 701
“…It’s… him?”

Though Maia had been notified by Warren that Gerald was apparently studying here, she hadn’t personally seen him till now. Seeing him carrying the water bottles instantly caused a look of disdain to form on her face.

While he was now in a different school, he was still the same loser that he was back in high school. To think that he was still being ordered around to carry and distribute water to others!

She didn’t even want to know why Gerald was now studying at Salford University.

Meanwhile, the girls from earlier were now surrounding Gerald.

“What is the meaning of this?” asked one of the higher-ups.

“Manager Luke! We’ve found him! He’s the one who donated the five hundred thousand dollars!” said one of the volunteer girls in admiration.


Hearing her words, everyone went silent.

A look of utter shock and disbelief was on everyone’s faces, and this was especially so for those currently standing on stage.

Stella herself was awkwardly staring at Gerald, as she ended the call just as her father picked up.

Even Jasmine and Mandy found themselves stunned as they continued staring at Gerald’s direction.

“This… This must be some kind of mistake! It couldn’t have been him!” shouted Isabelle indignantly, clearly irked by how Gerald had donated much more than Fabian.

She simply refused to believe that Gerald had that much money to donate in the first place! Yet, the truth was now in plain sight.

It had already been announced that the donor was from their class. If neither Fabian nor Stella’s family had made the donation, then the only possible person left was Gerald.

“It’s definitely him! It’d be impossible for so many of us to have mistaken him for someone else!” explained the girls.

“Are you really sure? Hah! We were both in the same high school and for as long as I’ve known him, he’s always been a poor b*stard! As if he could ever have that large a sum of money on him! You wouldn’t get that much money even if you tried to sell him!” said Maia hastily.

It was clear that the fact that Gerald had donated five hundred thousand dollars had shattered Maia’s and many others’ egos.

After all, while those on stage had been renowned for being born in rich families, to those who knew him personally, Gerald was always just the poor kid.

While Maia wore brands like Adidas and Nike that cost well over a hundred dollars, Gerald himself would usually only wear clothes from the dollar store. Her superiority complex was so terrible that even if Gerald wore a ten dollar shirt, that would be enough to make her feel unsettled.

Since Maia had donated nine hundred dollars in an event like this, to her, Gerald would only have the capability to donate fifty cents or even less!

Yet here the volunteers were, claiming that he had donated the five hundred thousand dollars! The claim itself made Maia feel nauseous.

It didn’t help that the volunteer girls immediately showed the receipt to everyone after that to prove that they were telling the truth!

‘How is this even possible? How did he get this rich?!’ Maia thought to himself.

While Gerald had been trying hard to keep his identity a secret, he knew he couldn’t really do anything about it at this point.

Even a few of the event’s workers were now gesturing for him to come up the stage with utmost respect.

Fabian himself—who had initially taken center-stage—was now being pushed aside by the volunteer girls to make space for Gerald.

While that made Fabian’s face turn red in embarrassment, Isabelle’s own face was red from rage after seeing their actions.

“You… You! Why would you even donate that much?!” scolded Isabelle in anger as she pointed at Gerald.

“She’s right! I don’t know where all that money came from, but I hope you realize just how much you’ve spent instead of just trying to look rich!” added Maia in disdain. She felt that if she didn’t at least try to mock him now, she would definitely faint from the stunning blow to her ego she had just received.

Hearing what they had to say, Gerald glared daggers at them, anger bubbling inside him.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 702
Though he used to see Maia as a goddess way back in his poor days, this was the final straw. Gerald would no longer tolerate her straightforwardness and sharp-tongue!

“Well since I’m already ‘acting’ like a rich guy, I may as well ‘act’ till the very end! You know what, I’m adding another hundred and fifty thousand dollars to that initial five hundred thousand!” announced Gerald with a wry smile.


Hearing that, everyone fell into utter shock!

As if five hundred thousand dollars wasn’t enough! This person was now donating a grand total of six hundred and fifty thousand dollars to charity!

At this point, the rest of Gerald’s classmates were all staring wide-eyed at him. It was hard for them to even process that such a simple looking person could actually be such a rich man!

While this was the reaction of Gerald’s classmates, the silence ended when one of the students from another third-year class began cheering!

Hearing that, a chain reaction of cheers and applauses soon followed!

Breaking from their stunned states, the workers themselves immediately got on stage to process the second payment.

The entire hall was now staring at Gerald in utter admiration.

While showing off wasn’t his usual style, doing it every once in a while was fine. Besides, he had an actual reason to show off this time.

Glancing at Maia and Isabelle’s indignant expressions, Gerald could feel an impish glee in himself.

Once the transaction was done, each of the workers took turns shaking hands with Gerald.

Fabian on the other hand, simply stomped down the stage after receiving his certificate. What a total waste of fifteen thousand dollars!

“Who would’ve guessed that he was actually that rich, Jasmine! When they announced that he was the one who had donated the five hundred thousand dollars, I couldn’t believe my ears at all! Now that he’s added another hundred and fifty thousand dollars to that sum, even I have to believe that he’s the one who made that ginormous donation!” whispered Mindy as she continued looking at Gerald with great interest.

“I find it hard to believe as well… Looks like his background isn’t as simple as we had initially assumed. We should definitely be more careful from now on!” replied Jasmine, her tone cautious.

“Humph! Let’s just get someone from our family to investigate more about him!” replied Mandy.

“The thing is, we’ve already ordered someone to do that for us even before today’s events… All we know is that he’s some poor student from Serene County! No matter how the investigation team tried, they simply couldn’t find out anything more about him!”

A look of dissatisfaction formed on Jasmine’s face as she said that. In a sense, this was an eye-opening experience for her.

As Jasmine continued looking at Gerald, Fabian darted out of the hall without saying a word. His expression suggested that he had just sat through some useless event.

Knowing how hurt he was, Isabelle ran after him while shouting, “Brother Fabian! Wait for me!”

Despite her pleas, Fabian continued sprinting toward the garden. Once he arrived at the bottom of a shady tree, Fabian immediately punched the tree’s trunk! His face was filled with rage.

Isabelle was well aware that Fabian’s only Achilles’ heel, amidst his many good traits, was his ego.

She had noticed how hurt Fabian had been when he was earlier pushed aside by the volunteers without even a second thought. Gerald standing where he once stood was definitely the last straw for him!

“Brother Fabian, please don’t be mad! Regardless of how much Gerald’s donated, you still achieved second place in the Taekwondo Youth Championship! That alone already makes you way better than him!” said Isabelle, her eyes slightly reddened.

“Don’t forget about your dreams, Brother Fabian! Please don’t be miserable over something as trivial as this! Remember, our school’s very own Taekwondo Championship personally invited you to be their judge! You’ll be able to show everyone who’s boss then! Just think of all the cheers and applause you’ll be receiving when that happens!” coaxed Isabelle.

After hearing that, Fabian started feeling a little better about himself. She was right. Once his time to shine arrived, he’d definitely be even highly regarded as the pride of their class! Endless cheering and admiration would then be reserved for him, and only him!

‘Why on earth are you stressing so much over something so trivial in the first place, Fabian?’ He thought to himself.

“…I understand now! Thank you so much, Isabelle!”

While it was true that he was feeling much better now, Fabian still left the area with a rather miserable expression on his face. After all, no matter how much Isabelle was going to coax him, his pride had still been hurt deeply today.

Once the event finally ended, Gerald headed out with Marven.

While they were walking, Marven suddenly looked like he just remembered something. Without saying a word, he then looked around and entered a nearby shop. By the time he got out again, he had bought a whole bunch of food.

“Hmm? What’s this then? Are you already hungry again?” said Gerald as he looked at the stash of food that Marven had bought while smiling.

“No, no, these aren’t for me! I’m giving all of these to someone… Since I’ll be meeting her along the way anyway, would you mind accompanying me?” replied Marven, a sheepish grin plastered on his face.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 703
“Oh? Who could you be planning to give all that to?” asked Gerald as he continued smiling.

Gerald was rightfully curious since this was the first time he had ever seen this side of Marven.

“Haha… Between you and me, it’s a girl I have a crush on! She’s from the Taekwondo society which is going to hold a tournament very soon! Since she’s been training so hard, I thought of buying some food to keep her well-nourished!” replied Marven, a huge grin on his face.

Hearing that, Gerald felt happy for Marven. While Marven was one of the smarter people, his feelings were still simple and honest.

Since they were now rather close friends anyway, Gerald decided to tag along.

Eventually, they arrived at the Taekwondo society. Inside, quite a number of people were busy training.

Scanning around while hugging all the food he had bought in his arms, Marven finally found the person he was looking for. The girl he had a crush on was stunning, to say the least.

“Hahaha! Look who’s here, Raquel! That fatty is here to bring you food again!” said a few of the members who had earlier been training.

They had stopped for a brief moment when they saw Marven and Gerald entering. The members who had said that were now all pointing toward Marven in a mocking manner.

Gerald had realized that not many people in the school actually saw Marven as a friend. He had also noticed that there was barely anyone who looked up to him either.

“How dedicated he is! Who else would do the things he does for you on a daily basis, Raquel? Go be this good man’s girlfriend already!” said a few other girls who then started mocking Raquel as well.

Raquel was an attractive looking girl, so she felt insulted when she heard the girls’ remarks. Instead of taking her dissatisfaction out on them, however, she instead began stomping toward the short and chubby Marven, glaring at him the entire time.

“Marven, haven’t I already told you not to come here anymore? Your presence here only serves to bother and disgust me!” yelled Raquel as she fumed.

“But Raquel, I’m just worried that you’re overtraining yourself! A little food will definitely help you get back some well-needed energy!” replied Marven as he extended the food in his arms out for her to take.

The only response he received was a swift swipe which sent all the food in his hands falling to the floor!

“I don’t need any of your d*mn food! I’ve told you time and again to stop coming here! So just leave already!”

Seeing that Marven was rooted to the spot in shock, Raquel only found herself growing even more furious by the second.

By then, a crowd had surrounded them. All of them were simultaneously booing at Marven.

“Since when have you become like this, Raquel…? You’ve never treated me this way before!” said Marven, his eyes slightly watery as he looked at all the scattered food on the floor.

“Have you lost your marbles? I told you to get out already!” yelled Raquel as she shoved him hard.

Caught by surprise, Marven found himself spinning in his attempt to maintain his balance. Ultimately, he failed to do so and fell face-first into the floor!

“Hahaha! Look at him! He’s just like a turtle that’s tumbled over! Check out those short limbs of his!”

“Hah! Yeah, to think that a guy like you even dares to go after Raquel… In your dreams pal, in your dreams… Still, it’s no wonder Raquel likes-”

The girl immediately ended her sentence midway, barely avoiding stepping on a landmine.

“I’m sick of having to see you every day!” roared Raquel as she kicked all the food Marven had bought away before turning around to leave.

“Hey now, don’t you think you’re overdoing it?” shouted Gerald.

“Are you even aware of how much Marven thinks about you and your training? He only wants what’s best for you! Even if you don’t like him, what gives you the right to treat him like this?” added Gerald, this time his voice getting increasingly furious.

“Like this concerns you in any way! I can treat him however the hell I like! After all, he’s the one who’s embarrassing me here! And what about you? Why are you even still here? Scram already!”

With her anger reignited, Raquel was just about to launch a few more punches on Marven when Gerald swiftly stepped in front of him and pushed her away!

Infuriated, Raquel retaliated by kicking Gerald right in the chest!

Gerald had honestly not expected this girl to be so impulsive, and he ended up falling on his butt.

It was at that moment when Raquel realized that she really was being a bit too much.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 704
She was well aware that Marven had a crush on her. However, even though she had made it extremely clear that she wasn’t into him, why on earth was he still pestering her?

Every girl had an ego to maintain when it came to relationships. If Raquel had received the same treatment from a better-looking guy, she wouldn’t have minded.

However, Marven was a completely different story. After all, to most people, he generally had a bad image if she was going to be completely honest about it.

After being humiliated in front of so many people, she would’ve kicked him out the door if she was any less morally aware!

“B-Brother Gerald!” shouted Marven as he rushed over to Gerald to help him up.

While Gerald clearly looked like he wanted to continue arguing with Raquel, Marven noticed that a few of the Taekwondo society’s members were already circling them. Fearing that Gerald would get hurt because of him again, Marven immediately dragged him out of there.

The two continued walking on until they arrived at the garden located right outside their campus.

Upon finding a place to sit, Marven soon found himself sobbing as he said, “It’s all my fault, Brother Gerald! While Raquel may have attacked you, please place the blame on me! After all, it’s true that I was the one who had humiliated her in front of all those people!”

Though he had indeed received a kick to the chest from Raquel, Gerald simply remained silent. It was because he saw his past self in Marven.

Back then, he had been willing to get beaten up just to keep Xavia safe!

Understanding Marven’s pain, Gerald then patted him on the back while saying, “Alright, alright I won’t… For now, let’s focus more on getting you to stop crying… Still, you told me that both of you had quite a good relationship! No offense, but that scene from earlier clearly suggested otherwise!”

“Well… We truthfully were on good terms in the past… After all, both of us grew up together! However, once Raquel got into college, she began changing rather drastically…”

Marven then began detailing his past with Raquel to Gerald.

Both of them had apparently been extremely friendly with each other in the past, up to the point where Marven would always stand up for Raquel whenever she got bullied in school.

The worst bullying Raquel had ever received happened when they were in their fourth year. Back then, Raquel’s path had been blocked by a few older students.

Being the immature youngsters that they were, the older students had assumed that they simply needed to write a love letter to Raquel for her to fall head over heels for them. When that obviously failed, all of them ganged up on her. Marven however, came to her aid and fought against all of them.

By the time they were done, his knees were bleeding so much that the scars from then remained till this very day.

The incident Marven faced was honestly quite similar to what had happened with Gerald and Xavia back in the day.

That was basically why for a period of time, Marven and Raquel were near inseparable. In fact, after graduating high school, both of them had even become a couple for a while.

It was at that time, however, when Marven started noticing small changes in Raquel’s behavior.

Eventually, it got so bad that Raquel actively tried to hide from him. It even got to the point where she told him not to tell others that they were actually a couple!

One day, Raquel told him that she needed some time away from him…

And that was how their relationship remained for quite a period of time.

Marven simply couldn’t accept how quickly Raquel had moved on from him so he kept on pestering her.

Eventually, it led to the events of today.

Gerald simply shook his head in pity. He didn’t even know what to say. After all, Marven’s story had become strikingly similar to his own past relationship with Xavia. All he could do was pat him on the back.

Not long after, Marven wiped the last of his tears away, affirming that he was fine now. Sharing his sad tale and crying it out had definitely helped.

Hearing that, Gerald felt a sense of relief wash over him.

Just as they were about to leave, Gerald’s phone rang. It was a call from Queta.

“Gerald, you have to return immediately!”

“What’s wrong?”

Queta’s tone sounded desperate…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 705
“What exactly happened? There’s no need to rush, just focus on telling me everything in detail!” added Gerald.

“It’s… It’s grandpa Finnley! He’s been packing up and trying to leave! Even now, I’m still struggling to stop him from doing so!”

“What? But why? Everything’s been going smoothly for a while now! Why the sudden urge to leave?” replied Gerald, confused.

Gerald saw Finnley as a mysterious old man who—even in his old age—still operated alone most of the time.

It was fate that had brought Gerald and Finnley together, and the old man had already helped Gerald on multiple occasions.

While Finnley still seemed to enjoy pestering him, Gerald said nothing about it. After all, he had already received so much help from the old man.

To return the old man’s favour, Gerald welcomed Finnely’s presence, serving Finnley with fine food and also a place to stay in his mansion.

Since Finnley had also saved Queta’s life, even she treated him well, and she would always make sure that he was constantly well-fed. Most of the time, Queta treated him as though he was her actual grandfather.

Yet here he was, trying to leave them now. If anything was to blame for Finnley’s sudden urge to depart, it would probably be because of Gerald’s ongoing investigation on the Fenderson family.

Gerald was well aware that something was already off with Finnley the moment he asked that old man if he knew anything about the Fendersons. After all, Finnley seemed to speak less and less with Gerald in the few days to come after Gerald had posed that question. It was as though the old man had something on his mind.

When Finnley was asked why he seemed to be pondering something, the old man would only reply in gibberish.

Seeing that he couldn’t really do anything at the moment, Gerald simply added, “…Alright, don’t worry about it too much. For now, I’ll head back so that I can ask him about it in person!”

Gerald then parted ways with Marven.

After some time, he arrived home just in time to see Finnley carrying his luggage out the door!

“I really have to leave now, my granddaughter! I’ll definitely come back to visit when I have the time in future! You’re a good girl and grandpa will never forget you!”

As soon as the old man turned around, however, he noticed that Gerald was standing right before him!

“Ah! My grandson! Perfect timing! I have to leave now, so this is goodbye for the moment!”

“But Mr. Quick, you’ve been living here for quite a while now. Why the rush to leave? Regardless, if you truly need to go, you could’ve just told me and I would’ve sent you to wherever you needed to go by car!”

“There really isn’t a need for that, my grandson. I know you mean well, and you’ve been an excellent grandson! However, if I don’t leave now, I won’t be able to find another chance to do so…”

Finnley’s last words came out in mumbles and Gerald wasn’t able to catch what he had said.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Clearing his throat, Finnley then replied, “I said there’s no need to trouble you! It’s about time I leave now, take care, my grandson!”

After saying that, Finnley patted Gerald’s chest.

As a result, Gerald flinched in pain before gently rubbing over the bruise there that had been left by Raquel.

“Are you serious? That soft pat on the chest hurt you? Have your insides turned into paper my grandson?” asked Finnley, clearly astonished.

Queta herself ran over after hearing Gerald’s yelp before asking, “What’s wrong Gerald? Are you hurt?”

“Don’t worry about it! Some girl just kicked me in the chest!”

“…Huh? Who was she? Why did she have to attack you?” asked Queta, getting increasingly worried.

Gerald simply shook his head in response, a sign that he didn’t want to talk about it for the moment.

While it was true that Raquel had only hurt him this much because she was well versed in Taekwondo, Finnley simply shook his head before sighing.

“If I were to leave you now in this state, how could I not worry about you, my grandson? You’re simply too kind! I truly worry that once I leave, you won’t even realize what killed you!”

As he said that, Finnley recalled what had happened back at the hotel when Yunus had sent that long-haired man to attack Gerald.

If it wasn’t for his intervention, Gerald’s arm would’ve been as good as gone!

“I only got this hurt because I didn’t fight back! If I was serious, I’d definitely have been able to spar for a bit!” replied Gerald. After all, while he was kind, he still had a reputation to maintain! Being beaten up by a girl definitely hurt his ego slightly.

“Hah! You? While I know you have a bit of strength in you, just about anyone who has a bit more skill can easily beat you into a pulp! You know, my grandson, you can’t just expect there to be people to protect you every time something like this happens!” said Finnley as he scratched the back of his head.

Gerald could only nod in response.

To be honest, he had considered picking up a martial art or two from the Drake & Tyson duo before. Perhaps something like kickboxing.

The problem was, he simply didn’t have the time to undergo any training!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 706
“Alright, how about this? I’ll stay here for three more days and though you probably won’t be able to learn any difficult moves within that short amount of time, under my guidance, you can surely learn at least a few for self-defense. That way, your enemies won’t be able to come too close to you that easily! While the moves themselves are practical and generally easier to learn, keep in mind that the moves aren’t designed to hurt people! They’re primarily for self-defense, after all!” said Finnley.

“…Wait, you aren’t kidding, right? I’ll be able to learn basic self-defense in just three days?” replied Gerald with a smile.

“Listen, if I say you can master it by then, you definitely can! Consider yourself lucky that I’m even staying back to teach you, you brat of a grandson! And don’t look at me with those doubtful eyes! If you don’t believe me, try hitting me with all you’ve got!” said Finnley as he waved at Gerald to come at him.

“I’d rather not! Again, Mr. Quick, I was only hurt this much because I didn’t fight back! I don’t hit women anyway! I’m honestly quite strong you know! I’m afraid that if I actually punched you, I’d end up breaking your bones!” replied Gerald rather dismissively as he waved back.

‘Mr. Quick may be knowledgeable, but he’s still old and skinny…’ Gerald thought to himself. He was honestly worried that he would end up hurting the old man from just a simple punch.

“What are you worrying about? Come at me already!” Was Finnley’s response.

Seeing how confident Finnley sounded, Gerald eventually gave in. After positioning himself, Gerald made a dash toward Finnley, aiming a punch at his shoulder!

It was a moment later when a loud thud could be heard. Gerald was now on the ground!

Before Gerald’s punch could even connect, Finnley easily dodged his attack before grabbing him by the wrist! In the next moment, Gerald felt like a broken kite as his entire body was momentarily lifted into the air before he was greeted by the villa’s cold, stone porch!

Gerald’s entire body was hurting as though all the bones in him had simultaneously been fractured. He found it difficult to even get up.

“G-Gerald!” shouted Queta as she rushed toward him with a worried expression plastered on her face as she helped him get up.

“So? How was it, grandson? I still got the moves!” said Finnley as he squatted down beside Gerald while chuckling.

It hadn’t crossed Gerald’s mind that such a frail-looking man would be so good at self-defense.

He hadn’t even realized that he had been lifted into the air till the moment his body hit the ground. Gerald’s head was honestly still spinning from the impact of that fall.

“Come on, grandpa Quick! Why did you have to overdo it?” exclaimed Queta, evidently concerned about Gerald’s safety.

“Hah! He’s a fully grown man! He isn’t as weak as you think, my granddaughter. After all, Gerald’s had to do a lot of rough work from a very young age! His arms are pretty strong you know? The move I just used on him will be perfect for Gerald to learn!” replied Finnley as he gave Gerald a slight kick.

“Get up now, my grandson! As promised, I’ll use these few extra days to help you master a few moves! So long as your opponents aren’t too experienced, those moves will definitely be handy assets to help you escape most normal fights!”

Hearing that, Gerald immediately stood up, still holding on to his hurt arm.

‘He’s right about that. That truly is a pretty good move…’ Gerald thought to himself as he nodded.

Fast forward to three days later, while Gerald had finally managed to master quite a few self-defense techniques, it also meant that Finnley no longer had anything stopping him from leaving.

Since Finnley had been together with them for quite some time now, Gerald realized that he already had a slight emotional connection with him.

While the old man was occasionally muddle-headed and tended to spout nonsense from time to time, he was generally a good man to both Gerald and Queta. In all honesty, Gerald wanted him to stay if he could.

Queta bawled her eyes out as she sent him off. She was well aware that she would miss having him around.

As Mr. Quick left the villa, Gerald wondered why Mr. Quick was so reluctant to talk about certain topics. However, seeing how adamantly the old man had held on to his secrets, Gerald simply kept the question to himself for the time being.

With Finnley gone, it now was time for him to focus all his energy on investigating the Fendersons.

The next day, as Gerald was entering the campus together with Marven, both of them bumped into Warren, Maia, and three other girls.

However, Gerald simply walked on, treating Maia as though she was a complete stranger.

“You… Gerald Crawford! You come back here, right this instant!” yelled Maia in anger.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 707
Realizing that Gerald was ignoring her on purpose was the trigger to her anger.

‘Who do you think you are to just ignore me?’ Maia thought to herself.

“What do you want?”

Knowing that he had mixed feelings toward Maia, Gerald found that reason enough for him to ignore her earlier. What more, he understood why she would be frustrated to see him, now that he was clearly wealthier than her.

He just couldn’t be bothered by her.

“So what if you’re a little rich now? Like that’s a good reason for you to ignore me! Anyway, I just want to know where you got all that money from,” enquired Maia as she stared straight into Gerald’s eyes.

“Sorry, private information,” replied Gerald coldly.

“Private? Hah! You just earned a bit more cash, big deal! That still doesn’t change the fact that you were a pauper in the past! I’ll be frank with you, Gerald! You’re at most an upstart, you got that? And upstarts are infamously known for being arrogant pricks like you! Unlike Jamier and the others, you definitely lack maturity and stability!” huffed Maia, clearly not wanting to be outdone.

“Whatever you say. Speaking of which, Marven and I are planning on scouting for a nice place to start our new company. If there isn’t anything else, we’ll be off now!” said Gerald, shaking his head with a somber smile.

It wasn’t his first rodeo being insulted like this anyway.

‘Like her insults mean anything to me. It’s useless trying to explain anything to someone like her,’ Gerald thought to himself.

“…Company? You’re starting a new company?” asked Maia.

It was extremely upsetting for her to see Gerald getting ahead in life. Even she wasn’t sure why she felt this way, she simply did.

“Yeah! Gerald’s funding so that we can start a travel agency together!” added Marven rather excitedly as he followed Gerald into the campus.

This wasn’t a lie either. Gerald had called Marven yesterday around noon just to discuss it.

Since Marven’s grandmother’s health had been deteriorating of late and his relationship with Raquel was also in shambles, Marven had honestly been incredibly stressed. However, when Gerald stepped in to help him, Marven knew that he would soon be able to get through his tough times.

He had been extremely grateful to Gerald after receiving the offer to start a company together. While he had seen Gerald as a close friend before, he now treated Gerald as though he was his real brother.

As the two walked further away, Warren looked extremely pissed. “What kind of luck does he even have?”

“Who knows? Still, even if he’s opening a company, he’ll be the only one funding it!” said Maia.

“You got that right. Humph! Just you wait and see. He’ll definitely use up all that money eventually. What else will he have then?” replied Warren, his tone sour.

“…Anyway, let’s stop talking about Gerald and get moving for now. The school’s organizing a Taekwondo competition, remember? Out of all the events in the school, this one caught my eye the most!” added Warren.

“Oh yeah, before you went to the police academy, you used to represent the seniors, right? Since you were Sunnydale’s Taekwondo champion, you can definitely give your juniors some pointers after watching the competition!”

The group of five then entered the campus as well, casually chatting among themselves.

Meanwhile, Gerald and Marven had just signed their attendance in class. Seeing that they only had ideology class that morning, they decided to leave.

As they descended the stairs, Gerald thought about why he was so willing to help Marven out. It probably had something to do with how much he saw himself in Marven. What more, both of them had grown closer in the past few days, and Gerald now saw him as a brother as well.

Marven was an extremely filial person too, and Gerald was pleased by how much Marven loved both his parents and grandparents. Knowing how good a person Marven was, Gerald was more than happy to support him which led to his idea of forming a partnership for Marven’s new travel agency.

Besides, since it was mostly monetary issues, it wasn’t even that big of a deal for Gerald. He had the means to help, so it was only right to do so for his brother.

Regardless, the first big step they had to do was to settle where the company would be located.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 708
Both of them had decided to start their company in a building quite near to the university. The building itself was grand and looked like the perfect place to start a firm. What more, it was also surrounded by lush greenery, almost as though Mother Nature had personally blessed the location.

Many other companies were already using the building as well. The popularity of the place really exceeded their expectations.

By starting their travel agency there, the other companies would definitely begin organizing their annual trips with their agency! They had avoided locations that were in the middle of nowhere for a reason. The revenue difference said it all.

It didn’t take long for the two to arrive at the investment center within the building.

“Didn’t we settle this over the phone? Where’s the guy we’re supposed to meet up with?” asked Gerald as both of them walked through the main entrance.

“I’m not sure either, brother. I called him earlier but the line was busy!”

“I see. Well, the center is crowded anyway. Let’s just wait for a bit!” said Gerald as he checked the time while shaking his head with a helpless smile.

As he turned to look at Marven, Gerald noticed that he was staring at the entrance, looking visibly shocked. Raising an eyebrow, he followed Marven’s gaze and was surprised to see a group of young people—who had just gotten out of a car—entering the investment center as well.

One of the girls was clinging on to a guy’s arm as he shut the driver’s seat behind him. The two looked awfully close, and they continued smiling brightly as they continued talking while entering the building. Two other girls followed closely behind them.

“There are a few group matches against other classes this morning, Raquel! Are you sure you don’t want to participate in them?” asked one of the two girls.

“Haha… Group matches are simply too easy for her! Our Raquel’s a professional! Of course she doesn’t need to participate in group matches! With her capabilities, she can straight up enter the finals that are going to be held this evening! Am I not right?” replied the guy while chuckling.

“That’s true… Raquel truly is the luckiest girl ever! With Jefferson by her side, she’s now even able to hold her own training classes!” replied the other girl in envy.

“It’s nothing much! It’s just a training center… After all, I’m just doing what I love, right Jeff?” said Raquel with a sweet smile on her face.

“Indeed! However, I’ll have to warn you to prepare yourself, Raquel. Training centers are pretty saturated in the market since there are a lot of other martial arts. While I’m not too familiar with Taekwondo, my sister used to train with you. She mentioned that competition among Taekwondo training centers is pretty strong as well. I had to pull quite a few strings to make this work, so once class is in session, you have to make sure to work hard with my sister!” replied Jefferson.

“Oh, don’t worry about that! I know how competitive the market can be… That’s the reason why I wanted the training center to be near Edificio! The crowd’s always massive here!”

“Well, this place is… Well, let’s not talk about that first. I’ll just have to find my friend’s brother first. He’s the sales manager here!”


“Raquel…?” said Marven as he walked right in front of her. His shock seeing her together with her group here was clear as day.

Seeing him here, Raquel immediately let go of Jefferson’s arm awkwardly.

Before this, she had told Marven that she needed some space away from him for some time. Her excuse had been that Marven could use that period of time to better himself while she herself focused on her training.

It was the only reason why Marven had agreed to give her more time alone.

However, her sudden immense change in attitude toward him was simply too obvious. Seeing how intimate she had been with Jefferson, Marven now knew the truth behind why Raquel kept giving him the cold shoulder.

Raquel was aware that she had been caught red-handed as well. It made her feel embarrassed to even look Marven in the face now.

“So… You were lying to me all this time!” said Marven, his hands trembling. His hands were shaking so much that all the documents for the investments he was holding fell to the floor.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 709
“L-lying? I have no idea what you’re going on about!” replied Raquel as she crossed her arms.

With quite a number of people in the center looking at them now, Raquel really wished she could simply hide from all this embarrassment.

“…Why… Why are you behaving this way…?” asked Marven as he took in a deep breath.

In response, Raquel only looked to the side in silence.

“Huh, so you’re Marven, right? Raquel’s childhood friend or something? I’ve heard quite a bit about you! Just look at yourself! Get out of my sight already!” yelled Jefferson as he dangled his Audi A6 car keys right in front of Marven’s face.

“Hello, hello! Your name was Jeff, right? I’ve been waiting for you to arrive!” said a suited employee out of the blue as he rushed over to shake hands with Jefferson, a friendly smile on his face.

“Hey there, Aaron! It’s been a while since we’ve last met! Sorry for the wait!” replied Jefferson as he returned the handshake.

“No problem! Alright, so let’s get straight to business. I’ve picked out a few pretty decent places for you already! Come have a look at them! And don’t worry about the prices just yet, I’ll definitely be giving you discounts!” said Aaron.

“Sounds great, let’s go choose one right now!”

After saying that, Jefferson began dragging Raquel by the arm along with him. Since Raquel didn’t really want to talk to Marven anymore, she simply followed him, standing close to his side.

As she left, Marven slowly collected his thoughts again. Recalling Gerald’s advice definitely helped him keep his cool. Too many things had happened too quickly earlier, which was why he couldn’t hold his anger for a brief moment.

Seeing that Marven had successfully calmed himself down, Gerald simply patted him on the shoulder and led him back to their initial seats.

“Holy cr*p, Aaron! How could office areas be so expensive now? This isn’t like what I saw online at all!”

It hadn’t even been that long before Jefferson’s exclamations could be heard from a distance.

“Really, Jefferson? Do you honestly think this is too expensive? I’ll have you know that these are the cheapest ones here! Their placements are pretty decent as well!”

“Cheapest? The rent is around a million dollars per year! You may as well just rob us clean!” replied Jefferson, the shock on his face fully visible for all to see.

All this was really too much for Jefferson. Though it was true that his family was quite rich, if he really was going to spend a million dollars just to pay for the rent alone, his bank account would be empty in no time!

Raquel was equally as shocked. From the research she had done online, office area rent usually cost around three hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year.

With that cost range in mind, she had calculated that together with Edificio’s popularity and the fact that it was close to her school, she was going to get one hell of a sweet deal.

Little had she expected for things to not have gone her way in the slightest.

Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars had simply been the base rent price. As it turned out, the areas around the building had rents that could easily go over a million dollars!

It was at that moment when Raquel finally realized that luck alone wouldn’t get her through life. Life simply wasn’t that easy.

A million dollars just for the rent? In her dreams!

“There’s really no way I can afford that, Aaron!” added Jefferson, still visibly appalled.

He then turned to face Raquel before saying, “Let’s just find some other place, Raquel. This really is too much!”

Hearing that, Raquel felt disappointed.

Edificio was a popular place, famous for having a high consumption rate. In other words, only those who had a high status could afford to work in it.

Knowing that she couldn’t match up to that status hurt Raquel’s pride slightly.

She really liked the area too since it was very close to her campus. Imagine being able to set up her training center here! That would definitely help boost both her center’s publicity alongside her great ego!

Oh well…

“Well, alright then…” replied Raquel with a nod, looking quite disappointed.

Hearing that, Aaron’s enthusiastic attitude changed drastically as well. After a bit more small talk, he immediately rushed off with his documents.

“Let’s go Raquel. It’s still pretty early after all! We can still go look at other places. I’m sure there are plenty others with more manageable yearly rents!” said Jefferson.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 710
“I know… Still, I’d like to look around the area first!” replied Raquel. While she couldn’t afford to pay the rent for a unit in this place, she still wanted to have a look around the building. After all, a girl could dream.

As the group continued hanging out around the area, a loud commotion could suddenly be heard coming from the end of the hallway.

A suited middle-aged man could be seen walking into the building, and many of the customers present greeted him respectfully when he passed by them. This wasn’t just any regular person. He was the manager of Edificio!

“That’s Edificio’s famous manager, Alexander Brookes!” explained Jefferson to the three girls.

‘So what if you know about him? He doesn’t even know that you exist!’ Raquel thought to herself, clearly still upset.

While a lot of people seemed to want to talk to Mr. Brooks, all he did was wave them off. He seemed to be in quite a hurry. The fact that he was also looking around hinted that he was trying to find something or someone.

All of a sudden, he noticed the four teenagers staring at him and he immediately ran over to Raquel’s group.

Seeing him hurriedly approaching them, both Raquel and Jefferson found themselves growing excited.

“Mr. Wadley, I presume? Did Mr. Crawford not come along?” asked Alexander with a respectful smile as he looked at Jefferson.

Everyone in the building immediately fell silent, all of them looking at the group’s direction.

“Mr. Wadley? Mr. Brookes, you must be mistaken! My name is Jefferson Brown…” replied Jefferson, his face flushed with excitement.

Even Raquel was biting her lower lip, trying her best to contain her excitement.

“Huh? Oh, I do apologize! I mistook you for someone else!” apologized Alexander rather awkwardly.

Earlier when Alexander had received a call, he had been notified that Marven Wadley was a student from Salford University who was also a friend of Mr. Crawford’s! Since Gerald was involved, Alexander had been given direct orders from their company’s director to approach Marven with the utmost respect!

“You kids looked like students from Salford University! Since my client’s from that university as well, you’ll have to forgive me for mistaking you for someone else!” added Alexander with an apologetic smile on his face.

“Oh? What a coincidence! Why don’t you tell me who your client is, Mr. Brookes? Maybe I could be of help!” said Jefferson.

He still couldn’t believe that he was currently speaking to the manager of Edificio. Jefferson was definitely going to prolong their conversation as much as he could!

Raquel nodded in agreement. After all, she knew quite a lot of people in their university as well.

“I’d appreciate that! The person I’m looking for is Mr. Marven Wadley. Have you seen him around anywhere?” asked Alexander.

Upon hearing his words, Raquel’s mind went completely blank.

“I… I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

Mr. Brookes’ question was so shocking to her that she even wondered if she had hallucinated the name.

‘Marven Wadley? He’s looking for Marven? No way in hell! There’s got to be a mistake! With Mr. Brookes’ status, why would he ever want to meet up with Marven?’

“Of course. I’m looking for Mr. Marven Wadley. Are you familiar with him?” repeated Alexander, feeling as though none of them actually knew who his client was.

‘I guess I was too excited back there. I should’ve just given Mr. Wadley a call! Why did I assume that these kids even knew who he was?’ Alexander thought to himself.

Just as he took his phone out, Marven’s distinct voice could be heard calling out for him.

“There’s no need to call me, Mr. Brookes! I’m right here!”

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