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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 711-720

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 711
By then, Marven had already gotten up from his seat and was now approaching them.

He then shook hands with Alexander before saying, “Good day, Mr. Brookes! We’ve talked over the phone the day before. I tried calling you again earlier but you didn’t pick up!”

“I’m terribly sorry Mr. Wadley! I had to resolve some of my daughter’s school matters just now! Please forgive my tardiness!”

“Speaking of which, Mr. Wadley, you’ve told us to prepare a few documents the day before. Here’s the office area you were interested in and the 4D showroom model of the outlet,” said Mr. Brookes as he took a few documents out.

“Before proceeding any further, here’s a general breakdown regarding the payment. The outlet and the office area combined will cost around thirty-five million dollars since you’re paying the full lease upfront. I’ve made sure to give you a few discounts as well!”

“No problem. For now, let’s just have a seat first before discussing this any further!” replied Marven as he led Mr. Brookes to the side.

Meanwhile, Raquel was still standing at the same spot, though she was now hyperventilating. She felt as though her soul had just left her body.

‘How… How could this be? Why Marven? Since when did he become this powerful?!’

“Don’t be fooled by this fatty, Mr. Brookes. As if he could ever cough up thirty-five million dollars in cash!” said Jefferson looking extremely doubtful.

“Yeah, we know him well, Mr. Brookes! He definitely can’t pay that amount of money! You’re just wasting your time and energy talking to him!” added Raquel, visibly upset.

“Heh, you’re the ones who are mistaken. If you aren’t aware, Mr. Wadley’s Salford Star Travel Agency already has over two hundred projects signed! And the numbers keep on rising! We’ve checked their funding as well, and they have somewhere around eighty million dollars worth in capital!” explained Alexander as he smiled.

‘Do they honestly take me as a fool? As if I could ever make a mistake about something like this! What funny kids.’

The group then watched in pure horror as Marven signed the contract with Alexander. With that done, Alexander immediately bowed respectfully at Gerald who had been watching silently at the side this entire time.

Seeing this only amplified Raquel’s embarrassment.

She had only wanted to rent a place but she didn’t have the money to do so.

Marven, on the other hand, had just bought two whole units in one go! And to think that his travel agency had already signed over two hundred projects!

‘What is even happening anymore?’

With the contract signed, Gerald and Marven decided that it was high time to leave.

Jefferson didn’t even dare to look at him anymore, choosing instead to keep his head low. Raquel herself was reluctant to simply accept this colossal defeat.

She then ran after Marven before asking, “Marven… You… You started your own company? What is this? Why didn’t you tell me about any of this before?”

Raquel could feel her cheeks burning up as she asked the question.

“Oh, I just started it quite recently. We’ll officially be operating in a few days though we still have quite a few projects to prepare for!” replied Marven, not feeling any need to hide this.

“I… see… Then, regarding how rich you suddenly became…?”

“Quite frankly, that’s none of your business.”

After saying that, he immediately turned around and left her there. Marven hadn’t felt this satisfied and proud of himself in ages.


Raquel was so upset that she was speechless. She could only stomp on the ground in anger as she watched the two leave her behind.

‘How could this be? How could any of this actually be happening?!’ Raquel thought to herself repeatedly as she felt her frustration well up in her chest. It almost felt like she was ready to burst into a million pieces.

Meanwhile, Gerald came to realize that after settling all those necessary procedures, it was already nearing noon.

With that, the two had a quick lunch before returning to campus together.

While they made their way back to school, the news about Gerald and Marven starting a new company had already spread like wildfire. There were even rumors that they already had multiple projects on hand!

Even though the two had yet to return to class, all their classmates were already talking about it, and all the noise made for a rather huge commotion.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 712
The moment both of them opened the class door, they were immediately greeted by simultaneous screams and exclamations!

“Gerald! Marven! Where did both of you go?” asked a few pretty girls as they surrounded the duo while trying their hardest to spark a conversation. All of them had their eyes on Gerald as though they were trying to seduce him.

After all, everyone figured that it was Gerald who had given Marven a hand in this. While it was true that Marven was the director of the company, his main funds could only have come from Gerald. It was the reason why the girls were all trying to get into Gerald’s good books.

Marven’s status had heightened greatly as well, and quite a few of his classmates had already approached him to try their luck at striking a conversation with him.

While everyone was excitedly surrounding the two, Isabelle and Stella had completely opposite reactions. Both of them had darkened expressions on their faces. After all, they had bullied Gerald back when they didn’t know that he was rich.

Now that Gerald had a sudden popularity spike, Isabelle was starting to panic as she turned to look at Fabian.

Back then, lots of people tended to surround Fabian when recess came. Today, however, nobody was even standing near him. Seeing that, Isabelle took the chance to walk over to him before patting him gently on the shoulder.

Fabian was obviously still slightly traumatized by the embarrassment from the donor appreciation event, so Isabelle was standing close to him to ensure that he remained calm.

“Umm… Is Fabian here?” asked a girl who stood at the door out of the blue.

“He is. What’s the matter?” asked Isabelle.

“Oh, Mrs. South told me to invite him to participate in the competition this evening! She wants Fabian to perform as well!” replied the girl.

“Oh? That’s great! Did you catch that, Fabian? The school’s asking for you!” cheered Isabelle cheerily.

The only response she got out of him was a slight nod.

Seeing his lack of response, Isabelle then slammed on her desk before exclaiming, “Hey, everyone! Fabian’s participating in the Taekwondo match this evening! Let’s be sure to go there later to cheer him on!”

“Oh wow, congratulations Fabian!” shouted most of their classmates.

After all, while Gerald clearly had the money, Fabian was still a very influential figure in their university.

Since everyone wanted to see him perform as well, all of them began heading to the school’s stadium.

“Let’s go too, Gerald! Classes usually head to and sit together in the stadium!”

“Sure thing!” replied Gerald. After all, he honestly wanted to watch as well. He had always dreamed of becoming a martial arts master when he was younger.

Though Gerald slowly matured as he grew older, in turn giving up on his childhood dream, he still enjoyed watching martial arts performances.

Besides, even if Fabian had something against Gerald, Gerald didn’t really hold any grudges against him. All these reasons were why Gerald was still willing to follow the rest of the class to support him.

By the time they arrived there, the stadium was already fairly crowded. However, since Fabian had been invited to join, Gerald and his classmates were given front row seats so that they could cheer even harder for him.

After all, it was honestly a pretty grand occasion, and such occasions required large audiences and loud cheers for champions like Fabian.

As Gerald walked toward the row of seats that had been reserved for his class, he noticed the sheer amount of competitors who were participating. Even Maia and Warren were present.

A surprising thing for most of the students in the stadium was the fact that both Warren and Wyatt were standing side by side, each wearing Taekwondo uniforms.

Even more surprising was the fact that while everyone from Warren’s class was holding on to signs while loudly cheering him on, not many were actually cheering for Wyatt.

That made it quite obvious that their class was well aware of how skilled Warren truly was.

While Fabian was warming up, he caught a glimpse of Warren, resulting in him getting instantly startled.

“He… He’s here?” said Fabian in shock.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 713
It was also at that moment when Warren noticed Fabian’s presence as well. He was equally as startled as Fabian was as the two eventually walked up to each other.

“You’re… The champion of Sunnydale’s Youth Taekwondo team, right? I watched your national match last year!” said Fabian, respect reflected in his eyes.

“That’s me, and you got second place in this year’s Salford Youth Taekwondo match, didn’t you? I heard it was a close spar and that you could easily have ended up being the champion as well!” replied Warren, still a little surprised to see him there.

To think that both of them had been invited by the school to perform.

It didn’t take long for the other contestants and the audience to begin looking in their direction after realizing that the two martial arts experts were having a conversation.

“Yeah… I recall that you got to a pretty high rank in the nationals too. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to spar with you. Looks like this will be a great opportunity to do just that!” said Fabian as he stared at Warren, a hint of competitiveness in his voice.

Hearing that, Maia smiled at Warren, clearly proud of him. After all, not only was he an absolute prince charming, he also had a great reputation worldwide for his great Taekwondo skills.

Being recognized by even people from overseas only served to make Maia admire Warren even more.

“It truly is!” replied Warren, a soft smile on his face.

Upon hearing their request to spar, the organization team immediately approved of the suggestion. After all, two superior martial artists sparring against each other would definitely be the highlight of the event.

The champion of Sunnydale versus the first runner up in Salford. This was surely going to be quite the show!

Even quite a few of the contestants were getting pumped for the spar, feeling much more fired up now to give it their all in their final matches.

While Gerald continued focusing on the competition, he felt Marven nudging him by the elbow.

“Brother Gerald, look at who’s sitting over there!”

Turning to look at the direction Marven was pointing at, Gerald was surprised to see that both Jasmine and Mindy were also watching the match.

“Color me surprised! I didn’t think they’d be here too…”

As per usual, the two girls had hidden themselves in a corner of the stadium, refusing to socialize with anyone.

It wasn’t long after when Jasmine realized that Gerald was staring at her. For a brief moment, both she and Gerald made eye contact.

However, she quickly furrowed her brows before looking away again. Seeing this, Gerald didn’t continue staring at her either.

“Say Gerald, I wonder if you’ve noticed this…”

“What exactly are you referring to?”

“Well, the two goddesses have secretly been glancing in your direction quite a lot recently. Especially Mindy. While both of them seem to only be interested in talking with each other, I’ve seen Mindy stealing glances at you on a few occasions during class!”

“And those aren’t the only instances when they would stare at you. You know how Isabelle has been trying hard to deliberately go against you lately right? Well, whenever that happened, both of them would end up observing you as well! Hey brother, do you think they’ve fallen for you or something?” explained Marven, analyzing the situation.

“Hah! That utter bullsh*t! There’s just no way!” replied Gerald as he shook his head before laughing it out.

Though he seemed like he wanted to say something else, Marven just couldn’t find the words as he stared at the stage.

His eyes were now glued on Raquel who had just gotten on stage. Her match was about to begin.

While Marven had been cold to her earlier that afternoon, he honestly still had feelings for her.

After all, his relationship with her was quite similar to Gerald and Xavia’s. That is, before Xavia underwent her drastic change after getting to know Yunus. Before that, however, if Gerald had heard news that she was in trouble, he would definitely still try to help her. Marven’s current position was no different from Gerald’s old one.

It was around eight minutes later when Raquel was finally kicked out of the circle, landing quite close to where Gerald and Marven were sitting! She had lost the match.

Realizing that Marven was there, she turned to look at him while holding on to her chest and biting her lower lip. To her utter disappointment, he only ignored her.

It almost felt as though she had lost something very important to her.

Time flew by quickly as the matches went on.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 714
Even though the event was about to end, the crowd only seemed to have grown larger. Everyone wanted to watch the match between Warren and Fabian.

The entire stadium was now so filled to the brim that in a way, it resembled a busy beehive.

Warren and Fabian themselves were currently warming up.

“Both of them are equally amazing! You know, Fabian’s the first runner up in our county while Warren’s the champion of Sunnydale! Their reputations are sky high!”

“Oh? Well this is definitely going to be interesting then! I’m still supporting Fabian though! Let’s hope he brings honor to the Salford Province!”

“I personally support Warren! He just looks so experienced!”

Almost all of the audience members were discussing the lively event among themselves, and that included Gerald’s classmates.

“Say Gerald, who do you think will win?” asked a few girls curiously as they surrounded him.

“I think they’re both equally great! I really can’t say!”

“Aww, come on! Don’t you know Warren too?” added one of the girls as she nudged his arm.

Gerald was definitely familiar with who he was. He was also all too clear that Warren’s fighting capability wasn’t limited to Taekwondo.

If he was going to be honest, Warren was most definitely going to come out on top. However, he didn’t feel the need to reveal his personal opinion.

“Why are you even asking him? As if he’d know anything about Taekwondo! You just have an extra dollar or two in hand, stop trying to push your opinions on others!” growled Isabelle as she turned around to glare at Gerald out of the blue.

It was as though she had a screw loose or something. Regardless of what Gerald did, she seemed to be completely against it. Gerald himself didn’t want to escalate the situation.

While he was well aware that it was slightly cruel of him to take the spotlight away from Fabian during the earlier donor appreciation event, constantly verbally abusing him definitely felt a bit too much.

Once the match began, Isabelle kept moving around, clearly blocking his view on purpose. She was definitely trying her hardest to make it hard for him to enjoy the competition, and understanding her motive only served to make Gerald’s blood boil even hotter.

It wasn’t long after before the match reached its peak moment.

Fabian had been on the attack from the very beginning of the match, striking both swiftly and relentlessly.

Warren himself focused much more on defense, barely even attacking at all.

Over time, Fabian’s attacks slowly began weakening. Though to the untrained eye his movements remained swift, his efficiency in attacking Warren was slowly depleting.

“He’s already lost,” said Jasmine emotionlessly.

“…Huh? Who’s lost? Warren? I mean Fabian attacks have been pretty swift and amazing! Warren’s, on the other hand, have so far been pretty simple. Is he really a champion or was it all just a bluff?” said Mindy.

While she hadn’t talked to Fabian before, she was still his classmate. Even if they weren’t remotely close, Mindy was still going to be more inclined to support him.

“Heh, I’ll make it simple. While Fabian’s attacks and movements may look cool, he’s already exposed all his fighting patterns to Warren throughout their spar together. Warren’s a pretty smart guy to hold on to his moves. He’ll be the champion, just wait and see!” explained Jasmine.

A few seconds after saying that, Warren made an incredibly rapid kick while Fabian was about to attack again. All it took was a single skilled and cool looking kick for Fabian to be knocked right out of the fighting area!

Seeing this, the crowd went wild with cheers, the noise amplified by the echoes caused by the stadium’s walls.

While everyone was in high spirits, Isabelle was the only one who looked incredibly worried.

After all, she had been cheering for him all this time! To think that he would lose to a simple kick! It made her feel slightly disappointed.

“What an amazing spar!” cheered Gerald, unable to hold back his own excitement.

Upon hearing that, Isabelle immediately turned around and glared daggers at Gerald.

“How is that amazing? Like you’d even know what amazing means!” shouted Isabelle in a very high pitch.

It was so loud that it immediately caught the attention of several people standing around them. They were all now looking at Gerald.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 715
“What exactly is your problem?” huffed Gerald.

“Humph! So Fabian lost, big deal! If you think you’re that good then why don’t you get on that stage and fight instead?!” yelled Isabelle.

It was crystal clear that she was simply directing all her anger and frustration on Gerald. She even picked her bottle up and tried splashing water all over Gerald!

Thankfully, he was able to avoid getting drenched in time. However, he was now extremely tempted to give her a tight slap across the face for doing that.

Luckily, their classmates stepped in and pulled Isabelle aside to prevent the situation from further escalating.

Maia herself simply glanced at Gerald for a brief moment before returning her gaze to Warren who seemed to be exuding a radiant aura. She knew he wouldn’t let anyone down.

At that moment, a judge walked up the stage and approached Warren before saying, “I’ve honestly never met someone your age to hold that much skill and grace! You truly are the champion of Sunnydale!”

The judge himself looked to be in his early forties, and he was most likely a famous figure in the field.

Hearing that, Warren simply smiled subtly as he shook his head.

“Hah, you call him skilled and graceful? You folk don’t even know the meaning of those words if you’re using them to describe him!” yelled a female voice from the audience, sounding extremely annoyed.

The statement made everyone go silent, and all the members of the audience simultaneously began seeking out the source of that voice.

It wasn’t just anybody who had made that bold claim. The owner of that voice was none other than Mindy!

While the two girls had initially wanted to leave immediately once the match ended, hearing the judge kissing Warren’s as* alongside the scores of loud cheers made Mindy incredibly annoyed.

Her intention wasn’t really to insult Warren just for Fabian’s sake either.

She just couldn’t stand all the compliments Warren was getting just for that minor feat. To her, the audiences’ and the judge’s responses were simply pushing it a bit too much for her taste.

Since everyone was well aware of who the two were, they simply remained silent and observed.

“Alright, that’s quite enough!” said Jasmine as she began dragging Mindy by the elbow toward the exit.

“So I’m assuming you’ve seen true skill then? If you haven’t, I really don’t know why you’re being so bitter!” shouted Maia in response.

While she really wasn’t happy hearing someone insult Warren like that, Maia watched her tongue since she had no idea what the two were truly capable of yet.

“But of course! Screw your county champion! You’re all novices compared to her!” boasted Mindy as she pointed at Jasmine.

She then whispered to her, “Jasmine, just go fight him already and put him in his place!”

Mindy was clearly only acting this way because she was caught in the heat of the moment.

Jasmine herself didn’t like the idea. She didn’t really enjoy competing with others. If she had wanted to participate in this event, she would’ve signed up for it a long time ago. However, she simply hadn’t found any worthy opponents to spar as of yet.

Not wanting to escalate the situation any further, Jasmine simply shook her head and began to leave.

“Don’t just leave after your friend said that! Come on, fight him if you dare!” said Maia with a smug grin on her face.

“It’s alright, Maia. I won’t fight her. You should know pretty well that I don’t hit women!” replied Warren as he chuckled softly.

Upon hearing that statement, Jasmine stopped dead in her tracks.

“Fine then, let’s fight!” she shouted as she looked Warren right in the eye.

She had only agreed because Warren had said that statement.

‘Are all men really like this? Do they just expect women to be weaker than them in every aspect?’

She was especially irked by this since it was also the reason why she and Mindy weren’t able to partake in any important matters within her family.

This was the last straw for her.

“Hell yeah!” exclaimed Mindy excitedly.

“Oh? Our Queen is going to fight?”

“Holy! What a treat!”

After hearing their conversation, the audience immediately began cheering again.

Warren simply shrugged at their response as though he didn’t really care. After all, he knew he wasn’t going to need much effort to win against her!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 716
A short while later, Jasmine returned though this time, she was donning her uniform. Her hair had been tied into a ponytail and the whole look complemented her beauty perfectly.

While most of the guys were gushing over her, many of the girls were green with envy.

Even Gerald had his eyes fixated on Jasmine. He hadn’t really expected her to know how to fight.

Seeing her, Warren began blindfolding himself with a black strip of fabric. His action immediately swooned the audience.

How cool and manly!

After making sure that the knot was tight enough, Warren then taunted, “Come at me, now!”

While his actions were condescending, Jasmine didn’t say a word. Instead, she lunged at him with lightning-quick speed!

With a loud thud, Warren was kicked right in the face!

He wasn’t able to block or even dodge her attack. He only realized what was happening after being sent flying out of the ring and crashing hard onto the ground. Everything simply happened too quickly for him to even process!

The audience members were shocked, many even gasping at the sight before them.

Defeated, Warren immediately crawled up again before taking his blindfold off. He then stared at Jasmine, shocked by the fact that she had won against him in just a single move.

Maia was appalled as well. This girl was strong. A little too strong.

Jasmine herself was cool as a cucumber. Her next move was to taunt Warren, signaling him to attack her next.

Feeling his blood boil, Warren was momentarily blinded by rage as he lunged toward her.

Before he was even able to lay a finger on her, Jasmine launched a roundhouse kick, sending Warren flying out of the circle again! His whole body simply flopped to the ground as though he was a broken kite.

Everyone’s jaws were now wide open. They simply couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Gerald himself was equally as shocked.

‘She’s good.’

Even though Warren was known to be great at Taekwondo, he couldn’t even block a single one of Jasmine’s attacks!

He had made a complete fool of himself in front of the entire stadium!

“Warren!” shouted Wyatt as he and a few others ran over to help him up. Warren couldn’t even stand on his own at the moment and his hand was pressed gently against his wounded chest.

He was under immense pain and cold sweat trickled down his forehead as he looked at Jasmine, respect reflected in his gaze.

Even Fabian couldn’t help but admire the woman standing atop the stage.

“Well done! That was amazing!” cheered Isabelle, pleased to see Warren now being humiliated by a girl from another class right after defeating Fabian.

Though Warren was friends with her own brother, she couldn’t help but express her pettiness.

Regardless of what she had to say, the rest of the audience cheered loudly as well.

“Humph! To think that the champion can’t even lay a finger on her! Typical of men! Boring!” said Mindy smugly as she turned to look at the other contestants.

“Any more of you even dare to challenge her?” added Mindy.

All the contestants only lowered their heads in response. Even Wyatt didn’t take up the challenge. After all, Warren was the best among them, yet he still ended up losing!

“Didn’t you say you knew a thing or two about Taekwondo, Gerald? Why aren’t you accepting her challenge now?” said Isabelle as she turned around and began mocking him.

“Dumb*ss! Weren’t you just cheering for Warren earlier? What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?!” she added as she immediately took a step forward, stepping on his foot in the process.

The thing was, she was wearing platform shoes at that moment! Gerald could only clench his teeth in pain.

“Move it!” shouted Gerald as he kicked Isabelle from behind, causing her to fall face first.

“…You… You dare hit me?!” yelled Isabelle hysterically. She really hadn’t expected Gerald to actually fight back and humiliate her in front of such a large crowd!

“Wyatt! He… He hit me!” yelled Isabelle, looking in Wyatt’s direction.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 717
Wyatt was still busy helping Warren up when he heard his sister calling out to him.

Realizing that someone was trying to pick a fight with her, he immediately felt a burning rage in his chest as he rushed toward them.

He had already been embarrassed enough by the fact that he didn’t even have the courage to challenge a girl who was able to beat Warren up. After all, he was one of the best fighters in the school.

Now that his sister was being bullied, he simply couldn’t allow his ego to be crushed any further. If he didn’t stand up for her now, he would definitely be the biggest disappointment to his family!

“How dare you! Do you have a death wish or something?!” roared Wyatt as he launched himself forward, directing a kick at Gerald’s chest.

“Oh god, Wyatt’s mad!”

“Of course he is! Not only did that guy hit his sister, he’s probably equally as angry at himself for not accepting her challenge!”

“I know right? Wyatt’s definitely going to take it all out on that guy!”

Everyone could feel themselves holding their breaths as Wyatt’s foot came dangerously close to colliding with Gerald’s chest…

However, before it could even reach Gerald, Wyatt suddenly found himself accelerating! It was as though Wyatt was simply a rag doll as Gerald flung him to the side, causing Wyatt to fall hard on the floor.

Wyatt felt like all his bones had simultaneously been shattered at that moment. He didn’t even have the energy to crawl.

While Marven had initially been worried for Gerald after seeing Wyatt charging at him, he was now frozen in place, his jaw wide open.

Even Isabelle who had earlier been excited to see Gerald finally getting beaten up was paralyzed in shock.

Gerald could sense the entire stadium staring at him with widened eyes, reflecting their sheer disbelief.

Maia herself was at a loss. She had heard of how skilled Wyatt was, and she knew for a fact that Gerald wouldn’t stand a chance against such an experienced fighter. What even was that? It was far too much of a stretch to say that Gerald had redirected his attack by accident.

“Jasmine! He…” exclaimed Mindy as she immediately ran toward her.

“I saw it too!” replied Jasmine as she furrowed her brows while staring intently at Gerald.

This was the first time Gerald had used the technique that Finnley had taught him.

Gerald hadn’t even thought about using it. His body had simply instinctually moved on its own. He didn’t even have time to adjust his force, which explained why Wyatt was feeling so hurt.

What a truly practical technique.

As he thought about that, everyone else in the hall had immediately grown to have a better opinion of Gerald.

“Holy cr*p! To think that such an experienced fighter like Wyatt was one-upped!”

“Yeah! After defeating Warren, it now looks like our queen has a new opponent!”

“I know right? Gerald! Get on stage and restore our pride as men!”

Shouts like these were being thrown from all around the stadium.

Though it was awe-inspiring to see how Jasmine had both beauty and brawn, it wasn’t a stretch to say that most of the guys there felt humiliated that nobody, not even Fabian who was the best martial artist in their school, dared to challenge her

‘What kind of men are we if we can’t even defeat a girl!’

“Get on stage, Gerald! Defeat her! Defeat her!” chanted many of the male students there.

As for the female students, they immediately started chanting for Jasmine to take Gerald down as well, hoping to encourage her.

“You should go for it, brother! Still, I didn’t know you were this good at fighting!” said Marven as he massaged Gerald’s shoulders.

Jasmine herself seemed to be intrigued by this turn of events, and she simply stared at Gerald as she prepared to fight her next opponent.

Gerald had yet again found himself in a dilemma.

After all, he knew how skilled Jasmine was, and he was also aware of how brutal her attacks tended to be. There was no way he would ever go up against her voluntarily.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 718
“Come fight her like a man, you coward!” yelled Mindy as she looked at Gerald. She honestly wanted to see both of them spar.

“Yeah! Fight like a man!” chanted several of the other girls in the stadium as well.

Gerald could only shake his head with a wry smile on his face. There was no way he was going to be able to worm out of this one.

Knowing that, he could only agree to the challenge and slowly got onto the main stage.

Throughout his brief training with Finnley, he had been taught a total of five self-defense moves. Each move was different, prioritizing on protecting the user from either punches, kicks, or weapons both long and short. The fifth technique, on the other hand, could be utilized under situations where one was being restricted from the back.

While all these would definitely help Gerald defend himself should he come face to face with danger, they were still essentially only self-defense moves. They were completely useless in a fight like this.

Upon entering the ring, Gerald was just about to try figuring out which move to use against Jasmine when she immediately lunged toward him!

Despite being a girl, her speed was no joke. She must’ve thought that Gerald was some sort of martial arts master.

“Oh! She’s going all out!”

“She seems to be exerting much more strength now!”

“Now this is going to be interesting! How will Gerald react?!”

The crowd was going wild, speculating the end results with extreme excitement.

“He definitely won’t be able to take a hit! He simply doesn’t look like he has enough strength!”

“Then how did he throw Wyatt to the side so easily? Was that possibly just a coincidence?”

While the audience continued discussing among themselves, Jasmine herself stopped right in front of Gerald before gracefully leaping and performing a spinning kick in mid-air! Her movements were so swift and packed with force that it almost seemed as though she had been practicing this move for years.

Gerald however, kept a cool head and recalled what Finnley had taught him.

‘Regardless of the attack, if your opponent attacks with a kick, block with the second move.’

Hoping for the best, Gerald then waited for the perfect opportunity and once he saw it, he grabbed Jasmine by the shin and pressed down on a pressure point. With just the slightest amount of force, he shifted his body to the side, successfully countering the kick!

In no time at all, Jasmine found herself completely off balance, just like what Wyatt had experienced moments earlier.

The very next second, she found herself colliding against the floor right outside the ring!


Everyone was momentarily stunned silent, especially Warren and Maia who had been more appalled than anyone else.

Isabelle and the crowd of girls who had initially been rooting for Jasmine were left speechless as well.

‘… Jasmine… Who had easily defeated Warren was one-upped by Gerald?!’

“Jasmine!” shouted Mindy in a panic, breaking the awkward silence as she ran toward her and helped her up.

While Jasmine was badly wounded on her shoulder, her priority was to first look at Gerald from where she stood. She had mixed feelings welling within her as she held onto her right shoulder with Mindy’s support.

Even from a young age, Jasmine had always aimed to be the very best. To do so, however, she had to pay the price for it. For the longest time, she was well aware that her peers were nowhere near the level she was.

Though her martial arts skills had always been something she was extremely proud of, she finally lost for the first time today.

Maia herself still had her jaw wide open, utterly shocked by this development as the audience members began cheering again, their cheers echoing throughout the stadium.

“Ow! Be a little gentler!” said Jasmine.

It was now already night and Mindy was busy tending to Jasmine’s wounds in their room back in the Fendersons mansion.

“It’s all swollen up! God, I’m just so angry! We’re classmates so how could Gerald treat you so roughly! Just look at the condition of your shoulder! If he angers me one more time I don’t care even if we’re classmates! I’m ordering someone to take him out!” huffed Mindy.

“Don’t be rash! I lost and that’s that!” replied Jasmine.

“What do you mean, lost? He clearly cheated!”

“Calm yourself, Mindy. I would’ve been able to tell if he really was cheating. I’ll apply the medicine myself later. Also, could you gather all twelve of my teachers? I have something to tell them,” said Jasmine as she slid her clothes back on before looking at Mindy.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 719
Hearing that, Mindy immediately left her room to notify her teachers. However, she returned not too long after.

“None of the teachers are around, Jasmine. The rest of the adults in the mansion aren’t present either. They’re having their meeting in the meeting room! Have you forgotten? Today’s the day they host their annual big meeting!” explained Mindy.

“Ah, I just remembered. No matter then, I’ll just talk to them tomorrow,” replied Jasmine with a nod as she sat on her bed.

It didn’t take long before Jasmine realized that Mindy looked as though she still had more to say.

“What’s wrong?” enquired Jasmine.

Hearing that, Mindy then skipped over to Jasmine’s side before cheekily asking, “Say Jasmine, what do you think they talk about in that mysterious annual family meeting that only our family’s males can attend?”

“How should I know?” replied Jasmine as she shook her head before realizing something.

“…What are you scheming of, Mindy?” asked Jasmine as she looked Mindy in the eye.

“Ehehe… You know very well what I’m thinking about. Come on, they never allow us to look into it! Not only do we not know why we have to remain home most of the time, we barely know anything about our own family! At the rate you’ve been training all these years, I’d say you’re definitely already stronger and much more talented than most of the men in this family! Yet we’re still being left clueless about the bigger picture!” said Mindy as she sighed.

Jasmine’s expression only continued darkening the more she heard Mindy’s words. The things Mindy said felt like thorny vines entangling her heart.

‘…Well, it is true that I’ve worked hard all these years just to prove that I’m better than those men. To prove that I could handle any of our family’s business as well as they could…’

Yet even after all her efforts, her grandfather never once took any notice of her talents nor did he acknowledge any of her hard work.

“Why don’t we eavesdrop? I know you want to know what’s really going on in the family as much as I do,” whispered Mindy.

While Jasmine would definitely have instantly refused to do so in the past out of fear of angering her grandfather, after hearing Mindy’s persuasion this time, Jasmine was feeling a little hesitant for the first time in a long while.

‘If this goes on, does that mean that they’ll continue hiding all this from me and Mindy forever? Do I really want to continue living so obliviously?’

After a brief moment, Jasmine shook her head.

‘…No, she’s right. I absolutely refuse to continue living like this!’

Jasmine was going to rebel this time.

She then looked at Mindy and the two nodded to each other before sneakily making their way to the meeting room.

It seemed that they were just in time to catch the start of the meeting.

“Second, Third, how are the preparations? To successfully deal with something this big, the weapon itself is an extremely important factor!” said an old man with a walking stick who sat on the seat of honor as he looked at two young men. He was the family’s patriarch.

“The preparations are almost complete, father. However, even with both of us combined, we still couldn’t complete the hardest mission assigned to us. If only big brother was still alive, we might’ve…”

Jasmine, who had already been eavesdropping, began listening even more intently at this point.

After hearing what he had to say, the old patriarch immediately began tearing up before saying, “…Yes. If he was still alive, the Fendersons wouldn’t be as passive as they are today! It’s such a shame that he was murdered… God truly guided an angel back into his arms that day!”

Upon saying that, a tear trickled down his wrinkled cheeks.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 720
“Indeed… After the young master passed on, no other Fenderson was able to challenge our rivaling family. After all, you were already at an old age when that happened, big brother. It truly is a shame… Thank god our little Jasmine is extremely talented. Her skills could easily match the young master’s! With enough training from us, she could become even more amazing!” said another old man.

“While I’ve considered allowing her to participate in this, she’s still Ethan’s only daughter. She’s the last of her bloodline! I’ve been protecting her from the outside world for the longest time… I just don’t have the heart to let her in on all this!” exclaimed the Fenderson patriarch.

“She’s still young and she’ll eventually be married off as well. I should also mention that not even young master Ethan had been able to handle the family. What can she do? Her parents had both been killed in that incident, do you think they’d hesitate to take down a little girl?” said another middle-aged man with an oily face.

Hearing that, the second young master—who went by the name of Joseph Fenderson—slammed his hands on the table as he glared at the middle-aged man. “What exactly do you mean by that, Noah Schuyler? Have we been treating the Schuyler family a little too well for you to disrespect us like this?”

“I would never! My old fart of a dad keeps reminding me that the Schuylers are forever indebted to the Fendersons! He’s been doing it ever since I was a mere child! I was told to listen to everything you say and I’ve been doing exactly that for the past few years! I’ve even helped you secure power over the southwest region. I can at least take credit for that, right?” replied Noah as he stared at Joseph.

Apart from the Fendersons, a few members from their vassal families were present as well. After all, large families like theirs were bound to have at least a few vassals under their power.

It was similar to how many people would begin working under the Crawfords whenever Gerald formed any new organizations.

“That’s true, Noah has helped the Fendersons quite a bit in the past two years. Even our family has been able to feed off of his credit!” muttered a few other present members.

It was at that moment when the patriarch slammed his walking stick onto the floor, causing everyone to fall silent.

“If you have something to say, just spit it out…” said the old man as he sighed.

“Oh, it’s nothing much, master… It’s just that the young master has already passed for so many years. We’ve even mentioned splitting the inheritance before, but back then you said that we had to wait till Jasmine grew up. Well, she’s clearly grown up quite nicely! Isn’t it high time to do what you’ve promised? Ethan doesn’t even have an heir anyway!”

“Humph! I knew it! Our young master may have passed away a long time ago, but exacting revenge comes first! Yet here you are, trying to split his inheritance!”

“Hah, seek revenge? Putting it frankly, it very much seems that you guys don’t even dare to do it! Besides, him leaving his inheritance to you two proves that your skills are limited! It isn’t a stretch to claim that the Fendersons are becoming weaker by the second! Just let us handle his inheritance so that the Fendersons get a better chance at growing again!”

“Noah’s right!” chimed in a few other members.

While Joseph and his brother struggled to come up with an appropriate response, the door was flung open with a loud bang.

Jasmine then entered the meeting room, her eyes reddened and cold as she scanned through every member in the room. Her gaze eventually locked on to Noah.

“Uncle Schuyler, tell me who killed my parents. Who exactly is the enemy? I’ll exact revenge for all of us!”

Seeing her barge in, the patriarch simply sighed deeply, sure that she had overheard their entire meeting.

Nobody dared to speak a word, not even Noah who was now looking to the side, pretending as though he hadn’t heard her question.

After releasing another deep sigh, the patriarch glared at Jasmine before saying, “…Let’s take a short break. Jasmine! You come with me!”

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