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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 721-730

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 721
“Did you hear that?”

The patriarch asked the moment she entered the study.

Jasmine nodded firmly.

If the fact that the younger generation of their family was permanently grounded was enough to make Jasmine gloomy and depressed every day, then she would forever be grieving over the incident which involved her parents.

At least when she was grounded, she could throw a tantrum or complain about it. But ever since she was young, no one had ever told her anything about her own parents. She’d only receive beatings when she asked about them.

“Do you hate me for hiding it from you for so many years?”

The patriarch asked.

“No, I don’t hate you. I understand that you hid it from me for my sake!”

Jasmine said.

“Jasmine, I saw your performance over the past few years. Frankly speaking, I’m very proud to have a granddaughter like you. Your parents in heaven should be very proud of you too.”

The patriarch patted Jasmine’s shoulders lightly.

“Then grandpa, who is the enemy of our Fenderseon family all this while? And were they responsible for what happened to my parents?”

Jasmine asked.

The patriarch took a deep breath. He then looked toward a corner in the study and nodded slightly.

“I know that it’s impossible to hide these things from you. You’ve become very outstanding, and you have great capabilities. I guess I can tell you some of the things now.”

The patriarch paused for a short while before he said, “That’s right. Our Fenderson family has always had a strong enemy, and that’s the Crawford family!”

“The Crawford family? Why haven’t I heard of this before?”

Jasmine sounded stunned.

“Of course, that family doesn’t have to lie low like us. There are only a handful of families who are able to achieve their level of superiority and influence after all! Besides, I’ve kept you within our gates for over 20 years now. How much of the outside world have you actually seen?”

The patriarch asked.

“But why? Why does the Crawford family treat us like this?”

Jasmine was filled with resentment.

“It’s a long story. To put it briefly, our feud started from my generation, and it carried over to your parents’ generation. You absolutely must remember this. Always, always be wary of people from the Crawford family! Are we clear?”

The patriarch said pitifully.

“Alright, grandpa!”

“Besides, Jasmine, since you’ve known some of the things regarding our family, I’m afraid that I’m no longer able to hide it from you even though I intended to originally. Currently, you’ve seen the inner workings of our family. I’ve even made the necessary preparations. From now on, you’re the heir of all your father’s properties and assets. Besides, you’re the only female in our family who can inherit the family assets other than her.”

The patriarch said.

Jasmine appeared excited. Besides, she knew who that other lady was.

Having said that, the patriarch looked dull and gloomy.

“I acted too rashly that year. Your aunt is still hiding from me, unwilling to even see my face. Xara is just a silly child. She’s so stubborn. Although I sounded quite cruel, the person I worry and care about the most is still your aunt!”

The patriarch burst into tears.

“Jasmine, promise me one thing.”

“Grandpa, I understand it. I’ll certainly find where my aunt is.”

Jasmine said.

That incident happened when she was still very young.

The old butler of their family once told Jasmine about that.

There was once a very exceptional lady in the Fenderson family, and she was Jasmine’s aunt—Xara Fenderson.

But at one point, she violated the rules of the family, so she was excommunicated from the family by Jasmine’s grandfather.

Actually, her grandfather had always been looking for her aunt during all these years. But he could not discover her whereabouts no matter how many times he tried.

It was the cause of her grandfather’s excruciating pain.

Now, Jasmine was going to inherit her father’s property. Hence, she would also take up the responsibility of tracking down her aunt.

At the same time, she wanted very much to meet her aunt, who was still admired deeply by the members of the Fenderson family. Moreover, the others always said that she resembled her aunt. She was the young lady of the family at that moment. She resembled her aunt in terms of both capability as well as physical appearance.

‘What kind of a woman was she?

‘Who did she fall in love with? How could my grandpa be so cruel and kick her out of the family?’

At last, her grandfather took a photograph out and handed it to Jasmine. The woman in the photograph was indeed very beautiful. Her look was breathtaking to say the least.

That woman was her aunt—Xara Fenderson.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 722
Certainly, her grandfather would step forward and intervene since she was going to inherit the property forcefully.

Jasmine did not have to worry about the Schuyler family. Although the Schuyler family was quite powerful and influential, they did not dare to cross the line indiscriminately.

Jasmine walked out of her grandfather’s study. She tucked away the photograph properly, and she was about to return to her bedroom.

“Jasmine, I’ve been waiting for you for a while now!”

Under the cover of night, there was a young man standing outside in the courtyard.

“Yael Schuyler, why are you waiting for me?”

Jasmine said coldly.

“I heard from someone else this afternoon that you were hurt. Got beat up by someone else, I heard. I was worried about you, so I came to ask you about it. Don’t worry, Jasmine. I’ll make him pay a heavy price for it!” Yael said.

“It’s none of your business. Let me tell you. If you dare to even lay a single finger on my classmates, I’ll certainly never forgive you!”

Jasmine got angry all of a sudden.

“Fine. I’ll forgive that guy. Jasmine, don’t be angry!”

Yael was quick to respond.

“Do you have anything else to say to me? If there’s nothing, I’m going back now.”

After that, she took one last glance at Yael with an expression of disgust before she stormed off.

“Jasmine! Jasmine!”

Yael called out after her.

But Jasmine had gone beyond earshot.

Yael clenched his fists tightly.

“Sir, I’ve told you before. She won’t be able to see it even though you’re so nice to her!”

At that moment, an old man who held his hands behind his back walked out from behind a tree next to the road.

On that dark night, the old man looked quite frightening.

It was because half of his face was white while the other half was black. He seemed like a strange entity that had risen from hell.

Both of his eyes seemed gloomy, and they were sunken into his eye sockets. Coming out of nowhere, he was definitely alarming.

Besides that, his whole frame seemed pretty skinny. It seemed almost like he could be blown away by just a soft breeze.

“What do you mean?”

Yael asked.

The old man smiled. “One always creates opportunities for oneself. They never wait for the chance to befall them. She doesn’t care for your love because the help you offer to her is too trivial and meaningless!

“The true trick lies in making her feel as if she can’t do anything without you, and she needs to rely on you for literally everything!”

The old man’s voice sounded like a crow.

Yael nodded slightly.

“I see!”

A cunning smile broke across his face.

On the next day, Gerald arrived early at school to attend the morning classes.

It was because the first two periods were a union class.

Hence, he called out to Marven, who had arrived earlier than usual the moment he reached the classroom.

At that moment, there were not many students in the classroom which was currently being used for the joint class.

But both Jasmine and Mindy were already present.

They looked up at him the moment Gerald entered the class.

Especially Mindy, whose gaze showed hints of hatred for him.

Gerald approached Jasmine with an apologetic look on his face. “I’m truly sorry for what happened yesterday. I didn’t do it on purpose!”

After all, Jasmine was only a girl. He was quite anxious at that moment. She was initially daydreaming, and his sudden apology threw her off momentarily.

Gerald felt quite bad about yesterday’s incident. It was because he was forced to cash in on some opportunity that presented itself before him. If he indeed fought seriously with her, the chances of him winning that fight were pretty much nil.

On the other hand, Jasmine felt as if her pride was being challenged upon hearing what Gerald said.

In response, Jasmine replied in a particularly cold manner, something which one rarely witnessed. “I’m relieved to be able to see you alive and kicking this fine morning!”

“Huh?” responded Gerald.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 723
Actually, Gerald intended to talk longer with Jasmine.

But after Jasmine said that, there seemed to be a look of resentment on her face when she turned her face away from him.

Clearly, she was in no mood to talk to him.

Gerald then did not force his way into a conversation with her. Instead, he ran and sat behind the two sisters.

Mindy then turned around and rolled her eyes at Gerald.

There was no doubt that in her mind, Gerald was just an honest man. But to her surprise, not only was he filthy rich, but he was also pretty skilled at martial arts.

But Jasmine herself was quite an exceptional fighter. How could she be defeated by him so easily?

If Jasmine did not specifically request for her to not mess with Gerald, she would’ve asked Jasmine to have a re-match with that man again.

At first, they were just waiting for the lesson to commence. But after waiting for a while, they did not see many students entering the class.

They only saw a few girls from the next class enter their room.

Usually, the class would’ve been packed by this time.

“Where are the students? Why isn’t anybody coming?”

At that moment, the teacher had arrived. Seeing that there were only a few students sitting in the class, the teacher could not help but ask the female student who had just entered the class curiously.

Both Jasmine and Gerald were quite curious about this too. They peered in the girl’s direction, expecting to hear an answer from her.

“Okay, so it seems like something has happened to the class rep of the third class. There’s a crowd standing outside the door of their class. I’ve no idea what’s happening in there but a lot of the guys in our class have gone there to take a look at the situation,” replied the female student.

Both Gerald and Marven glanced at each other.

That day, they went to the class directly early in the morning. They did not return to their class.

No doubt, something bad has gone down.

It might even be related to Isabelle too.

“Hey, what happened?”

Upon hearing that it was indeed related to Isabelle, Marven asked with a look of schadenfreude painted across his face.

“I’m not sure about the details. It seems like Isabelle had a fight with someone else. But she wasn’t in the fight herself. It should be a fight that happened because of what she did. At least this is what I heard. Isn’t she your class rep? Why don’t you know about it?”

The female student asked.

“Oh, we came to the union class directly. You can’t expect to know what went down in that class!”

Marven chuckled and sat down directly.

He proceeded to call his buddy to ask about the situation.

After he hung up the phone, he slapped the table excitedly. “Haha! Finally, justice is served. A hero has finally come and taught Isabelle a lesson. That’s what you get for acting so smug and arrogant in class all the time!”

Isabelle was pretty much the only person who gave Marven and Gerald a hard time in class.

Naturally, Marven was delighted to hear that something bad had happened to Isabelle.

“What happened?”

Gerald asked out of curiosity.

“Gerald, didn’t Fabian lose the battle yesterday? It was supposed to be the time when Fabian got his moment and earned his glory. But who knew that you’d deprive him of that chance at the last minute? Obviously, Isabelle couldn’t be reconciled with that fact. She came to class today with Wyatt, Warren, and that girl who’s been tagging beside him. But a couple of rich kids decided to point their fingers at them, blaming them and ridiculing them in front of everyone. They mocked these clowns for embarrassing themselves yesterday!”

“Now, both you and I know how bad Isabelle’s temper is. She went up to one of the kids and gave him a painful slap without any prior warning.”

“Haha! Of course, that kid retaliated. I mean, who wouldn’t? Especially when it’s Isabelle we’re talking about here. Both Warren and Wyatt then took it upon themselves to beat those rich kids up. Can you guess who they beat up at last? It’s the young master from the Moore family—Colton Moore! Colton’s an extravagant little bastard. He’s always arrogant, reckless, and ruthless. You think his parents ever spanked him when he was young? I think not! Hence, he called some thugs over to teach that b*tch a lesson! I heard that there were more than ten cars that rolled into the school,” said Marven

Gerald nodded.

Gerald had a lot of experience with these sorts of incidents.

But it was not like he needed to reach out with a helping hand each time.

Even though it happened in his class, Isabelle was the one who brought the trouble upon herself. Frankly-speaking, Gerald wished badly for Colton to teach her a hard lesson, so he could vent out his frustration on her.

He was afraid that it might influence him. If not, he would’ve rushed straight to the scene to witness the most epic beatdown of the century!

‘Heh heh!’
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 724
“They’re done for. Gerald, I heard that the Moore family is dependent on an especially large and influential family in Salford Province—the Schuyler family. They could quite literally do anything and get away with it scot-free!”

Marven proceeded to explain the complex familial and political relations within Salford Province.

Both Jasmine and Mindy, who were sitting in front of them overheard their conversation rather clearly.

It was pretty clear that they were eavesdropping when Marven mentioned the Schuyler family. Jasmine tilted her head the moment they reached this topic.

After a short while, they heard footsteps outside of the classroom.

Finally, the students who should have been here ages ago filed into the classroom.

Isabelle was the last person to enter the class.

Stella was the one who propped her up. Both of Isabelle’s cheeks were flushed red from all the slaps she had received. Besides that, she was crying vehemently.

As she was crying, she said, “I didn’t realize that it was him at that moment. I didn’t mean it when I attacked him.”

“There, there. Thank goodness, the faculty director and counselor came rushing in to stop them. They asked you to come to class first. If not, you’ll certainly suffer horrible consequences for picking a fight with them today!”

Stella looked gloomy when she tried to console her sobbing friend.

No doubt, the Moore family was too strong and powerful. As rich as Stella’s family was, they couldn’t compare with what the Moore family had under their possession.

Even Fabian’s family paled in comparison to the Moore family.

That was why everybody was standing by and watching the scene, not daring to intervene, even when Isabelle was slapped by Colton twice just now.

If the faculty director did not find some excuse to go and negotiate with Colton and asked Isabelle to attend the class first, God knows what would have happened to Isabelle under their hands.

Actually, the faculty director wanted Isabelle to seize that opportunity and make use of her connections.

Besides, the teacher knew that she would not be able to begin her lesson that day. After all, regular teachers did not dare to stand against the will of Mr. Moore.

After the teacher answered a call, the teacher did not return to the class again.

“How? What should we do now? I called my family just now. My mom cried as she told me that my dad has been taken away from his company by the people from the Moore family. They even slapped my dad several times. What should I do now?”

Isabelle finally realized what fear was.

Her father was taken away and got beat up because of her own foolishness.

She was now left with no options, and she did not know who she should ask help from.

On the other hand, both Stella and Fabian went silent.

They both received calls from their families, warning them not to be a busybody.

After all, the incident happened primarily because of Isabelle, who took the lead to beat the rich kids up.

To make things worse, she slapped the kid in front of everybody at school. This meant that there was an aspect of humiliation involved in addition to mere physical abuse.

Colton and a few other rich heirs were beaten up by both Warren and Wyatt.

Colton was the one who challenged them first, but when seen as a whole, more blame clearly landed on Isabelle’s shoulders.

Fabian did not dare to meddle in the incident anymore. He took his seat with his head hung low.

“Scumbag! You’re disgusting!”

One of the girls, who couldn’t get over the fact that he lost to Gerald yelled in his face.

But at this point, Isabelle did not even bother with Fabian since there were plenty more things to be afraid of.

At that moment, there were a few students who had arrived outside the class.

Gerald looked up and saw Warren, Maia and Wyatt.

At that moment, their facial expressions were sour, as if something terrible had befallen them. They entered the class in a single-file wordlessly.

“Wyatt, Warren, what should I do? My family is being threatened!”

Isabelle asked them in a desperate tone.

Wyatt put his hands at his waist and lowered his head.

As for Maia and Warren, they had run out of options too. At that moment, Warren chose not to act rashly. But there was still the risk that he had to pay a tremendous price too.

After all, he and Maia…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 725
At that moment, when everyone had run out of options.

“Jasmine, why did you ask me to come out here?”

Mindy asked.

It didn’t take long for her to understand what was going on. “Oh… I see. Don’t tell me that you want to…”

Mindy shook her head in resignation and said, “I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t like Isabelle either. Just look at how she treats her classmates. Besides, Warren is a fool through-and-through. It’s fine if they get themselves in trouble. Why do you have to step forward though?”

“I understand what you mean, but we don’t have any kind of resentment towards them. After all, we’re classmates. They’ve never stepped on my tail before anyways. Besides, those girls even cheered me on enthusiastically during the competition yesterday, including Isabelle!

“I can’t bear doing nothing about this. Besides, I’ve heard about Colton before. He’s Yael’s subordinate. Maybe this incident is somehow related to Yael!”

Jasmine said.

“D*mn! Jasmine, you could start being a novelist judging by how convincing your deduction is. Isn’t this just a simple conflict between students?”

Mindy asked helplessly.

Jasmine shook her head. “I don’t think things are as shallow as it seems. Maybe it’s because of my intuition. Certainly, I hope that I’m only overthinking things. But as her classmate and a decent human being, I should really help her out!”

With great reluctance, Jasmine whipped out her cell phone.

She called Yael’s number.

“What’s the matter Jasmine? Why did you call me all of a sudden?”

Yael asked.

“Nothing much. I just need your help regarding an incident. Colton is your subordinate, isn’t he? He’s just gotten into a fight with my classmate. I hope that you can persuade him to stop what he’s doing.”

Jasmine said.

“Ah? Is that so? You’re in the university now, aren’t you? What a coincidence, I’m at a company near your university. Let’s meet up and talk about it.”

Yael responded immediately.

Although Jasmine did not want to see him, she could not turn him down since she was asking for his help.

After all, the Fenderson family normally would not ask for help even if they were driven into a corner.

Jasmine inheriting her family’s assets did not mean that the Fenderson family would return to the limelight immediately.

At least, they were not planning to do that for the moment.

Jasmine mumbled a half-hearted response before hanging up.

Soon, Yael reached the university.

He was holding a bouquet of fresh flowers in his hand when he arrived. “Jasmine, if I recall correctly, this is the first time you took the initiative to call me and ask me out on a date!”

“Spare me the nonsense. Have you settled the issue yet?”

Jasmine asked with her arms crossed.

Yael was initially stunned by her demeanor. After that, he smiled and said, “I did call him up. But that b*stard Colton had received a pretty bad beating this time it seems. He was deeply furious, and he didn’t even listen to me. I don’t really have any idea how to solve this issue and it’s not like I can beat that kid up, since we’ve practically grown up together!”

“Also, it seems like your classmate was the one who assaulted him first. It doesn’t seem reasonable for me to be meddling in this affair!” said Yale.


Jasmine was slightly stunned.

“Fine, I won’t ask for help from you. I’ll arrange for the people from the other families to do it.”

It did not occur to Jasmine that Yael would not even do such a trivial act for her.

At that moment, she acted out of spite and called up a few other families who were dependent on her family.

She wanted them to intervene in settling this dispute.

In the end, they found all kinds of excuses to turn her request down.

Standing next to her, Yael smirked silently to himself.

Jasmine suddenly realized what was happening.

It was as she had thought. This incident wasn’t as simple as it looked on the surface.

Besides, those families were clearly following the lead of the Schuyler family.

“Stop being so stubborn, Jasmine. If you talk to me nicely, I can do everything for you. You wouldn’t even need to worry yourself with Colton, or what the other families are doing. Anything you want, do you understand what I’m saying?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 726
Yael said.

Just when Jasmine stopped paying attention, he took the chance and grabbed her hand.

“Get lost!’

Jasmine reacted almost instantaneously. She shoved away Yael’s hand. The force with which she shook off his grip was so strong that it smashed the fresh flowers Yael was holding into the ground.

Yael stared at the roses which were scattered all over the floor. He was stupefied.

In the university, there were a lot of girls who passed by them. They all stopped in their tracks and stared at the scene before them.

“Wow! Did he literally just get shot down!?”

“Ha ha! This guy seems so well dressed. Did he still get turned down by the Goddess herself?”

“That’s right. Ain’t no way our Goddess will give away her love and affection to some random chap.”

The girls couldn’t help but cover their mouths as they mocked Yael.

After all, looks weren’t the only thing women looked at when judging a man. They would still have to consider his style, how his clothes fit him, how expensive his clothes are and all that jazz. It didn’t matter much if a man was below average in terms of looks. He at least had to be well-dressed and possess a good disposition.

If a man dressed himself up poorly, he would be a lowly person no matter how handsome he was.

But now that the guy has failed in confessing his love, no matter how well-dressed he was, he’d no longer be worthy in their eyes.

Hence, they started whispering and giggling to each other.

And those laughters were heard by Yael.

It filled him with deep humiliation and anger. ‘If it weren’t for you, Jasmine, I’d never suffer such humiliation!’

“Jasmine, what do you mean? Don’t you see how much I love you? Why won’t you reciprocate my feelings?”

Yael had always been directing his frustrations inwards. This was his final straw. It was the day he finally let out his inner turmoil.

In the heat of the moment, he lashed out angrily at Jasmine.

“You’re crazy!”

Jasmine peeked at Yael once in disgust. She then turned around swiftly and was about to leave. She wasn’t in the mood to listen to what he had to say next.

It was because Jasmine knew clearly what kind of a person Yael was. The only feelings she had for him and his father was disgust and despise, nothing more, nothing less.

“I have loved you for such a long time. You don’t even give me a chance to hear me out. Stop right there!”

Yael’s eyes had become bloodshot. He felt like his pride had just been trampled over.

The humiliation he suffered before was different. Now, Jasmine did not even care that they were in front of everybody when she shot him down.

He then ran and caught up with her. He grabbed Jasmine’s hand directly. “I ask you to hear me out!”

“Let go of me! Are you crazy?”


Jasmine was getting more and more anxious, so out of instinct, she gave Yael a painful slap across the cheek.

The girls who were standing around them bore witness to the scene. Their jaws gaped in astonishment as they watched the scene.

It made Yael freeze up on the spot.

“Mindy, let’s go!”

Jasmine held Mindy’s hand and left right after that.

“Jasmine, how cruel can you be? There are a lot of girls who like me, but I’ve never treated them the same way as I treat you. See how I’ve put myself down for your sake!? I’m even willing to abandon my dignity… But you don’t even seem like you care about me at all!”

Yael clenched his fists tightly, watching as Jasmine left him behind. His eyes were red and bloodshot.

“Jasmine, you slapped him just because of such a trivial affair? Isn’t that pretty bad?”

Mindy knew that the Schuyler family was not to be trifled with. She was quick to remind her sister of that fact.

“Hmph! A trivial affair? Do you really think that this is a trivial affair? Yael has always been pestering me but do you know why I hate him so much? It’s because he always likes to treat others like fools. Obviously, Yael is the one behind this incident. Not only does he want me to be indebted to him, he’s planning to show me how powerful and influential the Schuyler family is. The other smaller families have now become lackeys of the Schuyler family!

“To use both kindness and cruelty, that’s what makes him so disgusting! That’s why I hate him this much! I can’t keep lying to myself about this!”

Jasmine said.

“Dmn! I understood it now. No wonder he was smiling so confidently when you were making the phone calls. He’s indeed a cunning bstard! Jasmine, how should we resolve that issue now?”

Mindy asked.

After that, she widened her eyes. “Jasmine, hurry up and take a look. Isn’t that Colton? He’s bringing a ton of people with him. Wait, they’re entering the academic building right now!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 727
Jasmine really could not help in resolving the issue even if she wanted to.

Although she wanted to lend Isabelle a helping hand, she could not use her identity as a member of the Fenderson family to help them.

On the other side, Gerald saw a large group of people rushing into the union class. Isabelle was almost scared to death when this happened.

Even Warren appeared to be slightly frightened now.

Clearly, the incident was spiraling rapidly out of control.

“What should we do now? It seems like the faculty director can’t hold them back for long!”

Isabelle cried in fear as she said so.

At last, Warren looked at Maia. “Maia, didn’t you exchange your contact information with Yuna the other day? If we’re really out of options now, go and look for help from Yuna. She did say that we could hit her up if we’re facing any problems.”

Maia said, “But I’m worried that Yuna was just being nice to us. After all, what kind of status and identity does she have? How sure are you that she can help us?”

It seemed clear that getting help from Yuna did cross Maia’s mind.

“Ahem, let’s not bother about that first. Now, we only have one shot, and that’s with Yuna.”

Warren said.

Both Wyatt and Isabelle had also put their hope entirely on Maia.

“Fine, I’ll give it a try!”

Maia nodded slightly.

She then called the number which Yuna left with her immediately.

To her surprise, Yuna picked up her call almost immediately.

Maia did not even exchange pleasantries with Yuna. She splurged everything about that incident in a hurry to Yuna.

“Yuna, thank you very much. It’ll be better if you can look into it!!”

Clearly, Yuna had promised to help judging by how excited Maia sounded.

And it wasn’t long before Yuna’s call returned.

“Maia, this incident is different from the previous one. I did help to ask about it. Mr. Holden will try to assist you, but you need to go and meet Mr. Zartyr of Salford Province in order to see how you’re going to resolve it. Mr. Zartyr wants to know every little detail about this incident before he decides whether or not he wants to lend a hand to you guys. That’s the most I can do for you!”

Yuna sighed and said.

When Yuna called Mr. Holden just now, he did agree to help them. He’d even contacted Mr. Zartyr to talk about it.

Mr. Holden was Mr. Crawford’s godbrother, so of course, Zartyr couldn’t afford to not entertain his requests.

The conclusion was that they had to meet Mr. Zartyr in person. At the very least, he had to know the ins and outs of the incident.

After hanging up the phone, Maia and the others left the place hastily.

“They’re so lucky! Surprises me that someone is willing to help them!”

Marven said indignantly.

Gerald smiled bitterly as he shook his head.

He was the one who was going to help them in the end.

There are times when Gerald wished to reveal his identity and status to the world at large. That way, much of the trouble he faced would be eliminated from his life.

But just like how his father had warned him, the new problems which would spring up following such an act would be no less than what he was facing now.

Hence, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place when it came to things like this.

When he couldn’t find his targets, Colton did not bother with giving the rest of the students a hard time.

The others were allowed to attend their lesson in peace.

After having four lessons in the morning, they were free in the afternoon.

Gerald was about to return to the villa.

It was at that moment when Gerald received a call. It was a call from Barry.

“Mr. Crawford, we’ve finally found some clues about Xara after working through the night for the past few days,” said Barry excitedly over the phone.

“Oh? That’s good. I’ll go over to your place now!”

Gerald sounded excited too.

Barry sounded quite busy at the other end of the phone.

Gerald did not say much. He hung up the phone immediately to let him do his job.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 728
At that moment, Gerald drove his car straight to Barry’s villa.

When he reached that place, he discovered that there were lots of cars parked outside the gates.

Barry had very complicated interpersonal relationships. There were tons of people who wanted to see him. Knowing this, Gerald wasn’t even remotely surprised at the discovery.

It only meant that he had to park his car further away from the house.

Walking into the place, he found that Barry was indeed loaded with jobs to do. There was quite a long line leading up to the door of his office.

It was more or less like what Zack experienced.

There were lots of people standing outside the door. It seemed like Barry had to see every single one of them.

Gerald chuckled painfully to himself.

After that, he approached the villa.

“Maia, how long are we going to wait? There are tons of people here. My dad hasn’t returned home yet. I’m worried sick!”

Standing at the side, Isabelle and the others waited.

At that moment, they were waiting anxiously.

“Don’t worry. Yuna said that Mr. Zartyr will meet us to learn about this incident. He’ll be seeing us shortly, I believe!”

Maia said.

A sigh was heard. “D*mn it! I wonder why Mr. Zartyr is so busy. We’ve been waiting for two hours now!”

Someone said impatiently.

And at that moment, Maia was stunned all of a sudden. She glanced at a youngster who had just entered that place from outside.

Actually, a lot of people looked over there the moment the young man waltzed right through the gates.

After all, most of the people who were there wanted to meet Mr. Zartyr to negotiate their business plan or ongoing projects.

They were afraid that they might meet their rivals at that moment.

Contempt was at an all-time high when they saw that they were facing against a young lad in the market.

‘How could a person like that go and meet Mr. Zartyr for business? Humph!’

The person they were talking about, of course, was none other than Gerald.

Gerald saw Maia and Isabelle standing in line.

But it did not occur to him that they would still be here considering how much time had passed.

Gerald did not avoid them either.

He then walked over and asked. “Are you still waiting here?”

“Humph! Why are you here?”

The moment Maia saw Gerald, she was reminded of the countless times he had humiliated her. She was deeply irritated by his unannounced arrival.

As for Isabelle, this was, even more, the case. She was visibly filled with wrath when she looked at Gerald.

If Gerald had given the spotlight to Fabian, he would not have been that dejected, then Isabelle would not have been in a bad mood for a couple of consecutive days. And had he not kicked her yesterday, she would not have lost her cool the next morning, when she beat up the vengeful rich kids.

To put it plainly, the source of their disaster was Gerald.

At least, this was what Isabelle thought.

“Why did he come? He must have come here to rub salt into our wounds! Gerald, I never expected you to be such a horrid person. It’s really disgusting! I’m so f*cking pissed off!”
Isabelle’s reaction was harsh.

Maia’s reaction was more or less the same as Isabelle’s. Clearly, she agreed with what Isabelle said. “Gerald, I know how rich you are but that doesn’t warrant you to act so smugly about this. How could you come here and laugh at our pain? Let me tell you, I won’t let a person like you take pleasure in my suffering!”

Maia said anxiously.

‘Humph!’ Gerald shook his head and smirked bitterly.

Actually, Gerald felt that the sadistic side of him had already been satisfied by the sight of them standing in line here. After all, they had made use of their connections and found Yael and Mr. Zartyr.

Gerald did not mind doing Maia a favor while incurring little to no cost himself. After all, she was his ex-classmate.

But now, Maia did not even care about the friendship they had in the past. It seemed like no matter what he did, Maia would only mock him and look down on him.

Hence, Gerald could only smile helplessly.

“You’re wrong. I’ve no mood and energy to pay close attention to you every day. I’m that nosy of a person to rush here just to savor the taste of your pain and suffering!”

Gerald said as he glanced at Maia.

After that, he tucked his hands into his pocket and headed straight into the entrance of the villa…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 729
“Who is this person? How impolite can he be?! Can’t he even act like a decent human being?”

“That’s right. It’s the door to Mr. Zartyr’s villa. How dare he walk in as if this was his house? Didn’t he see that we’re standing in a line”

For a moment, a lot of people started whispering among themselves.

As for Maia and Isabelle, they were waiting to see how Gerald would be humiliated in front of everybody.

It was because Barry was a big shot in Salford Province, and he had tremendous influence. Besides, he was particularly keen about maintaining tradition and acting with prudence. If anyone acted imprudently, that person would be reprimanded heavily.

At that moment, Gerald knocked on a door.

The door to the living room was opened by a butler.

“This guy is looking for it, courting death he is!”

“Does he think that he can get ahead of us by acting like this? Ha ha!”

“I know lots of kids like him. He’ll only make a laughing stock out of himself. He’s destined to be unable to achieve anything great in his life!”

The others joined in and started mocking Gerald.

“Mr… Mr. Crawford, it’s you!”

The butler exclaimed out of astonishment.

He immediately bowed towards him.

“Yes. I see that he’s quite busy, so I waited around outside for quite a while!”

Gerald laughed bitterly.

“Yes! Mr. Crawford, this way please.”

The butler soon invited Gerald into the house swiftly.

If Gerald was not considered as an important and distinguished guest, then there would be no such thing as an important and distinguished guest in this world.


That scene stunned every one of them who were standing in line.

“What kind of young master is that? Mr. Crawford? I’ve never heard of him. But I’ve never seen Mr. Mollands act like that before!”

“That’s true! Who exactly is he?”

Everyone was stupefied.

Even Maia’s mouth gaped in disbelief.

Her heart started pumping.

She felt as if this was all an illusion, an illusion in which she was helpless when fighting against the tide. Something she dreaded had happened.

Maia had always looked down on Gerald since they were in high school, and that feeling continued even up until now.

Even though Gerald studied hard during high school, Maia assumed that he did not have bright prospects in the future.

Everyone that knew Maia, saw her as a straightforward person. She sometimes said things directly, and others might inadvertently get hurt in the process.

To put it plainly, Maia had always had a sense of superiority over her peers.

But for some reason, when she was with Warren and Jamier, Maia would act in an unusually reserved manner.

But it was clear that she looked down on Gerald.

But now, she found that the person who she had always looked down upon was actually filthy rich. He was different from the past, and he was much richer than her.

Maia found that fact to be a hard pill to swallow.

She made up all kinds of excuses to convince herself. Gerald might have won a lottery, so he became rich. That his prize money would be used up after a few years.

Besides, the money he had was irrelevant since he lacked the connections to make things work. Maia smirked silently. In a modern society, one was pretty much useless if he had no connections with powerful people.

This was what Maia told herself repeatedly over the past couple of days to soothe herself.

But now, she had to meet Mr. Zartyr to ask for his help. Her nightmares had resurfaced when she realized that Gerald had free access the Mr. Zartyr’s property.

Looks like they were more than superficial acquaintances.

“I didn’t know that Gerald knows Mr. Zartyr!”

Isabelle became rather anxious.

But even though she was anxious, she had no other options.

Nobody could help her. The only shot she had was with Mr. Zartyr, but there was still the chance that he might turn her down.

“Maia, why don’t you give Gerald a call? Our worries will certainly be resolved if he’s willing to say something nice on our behalf?”

It was Warren who spoke up this time.

“Me?” Maia felt quite anxious as if she had just been slapped in the face.

“That’s right, Maia. After all, that guy liked you in the past, and you were high school classmates. It’ll be better if you speak for us! If not, we’ll have to stand in line the entire afternoon, and we may not even be able to meet Mr. Zartyr in time! This issue may well turn into something much more serious by then!”

Warren said anxiously.

“That’s true, Maia. Go and beg Gerald for help. He’ll definitely help us!”

Isabelle finally caved in.

Maia was in a dilemma for a while.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 730
At that moment, Maia said, “Actually, I’m not sure if we’re even friends at the moment. Even if I asked him to help me, it’s quite likely that he’ll turn me down. But I’ll give it a try!”

She reluctantly whipped out her cell phone and called Gerald’s number.

She felt conflicted about this. To be forced to beg for help from someone who she was looking down on. Not to mention the fact that she had once hurt him with painful words in the past.

But she indeed needed Gerald’s help to resolve that issue.

It did not occur to Gerald that Maia, who was as proud as a peacock, would call him up at this moment.

In that instant, he burst out laughing to himself.

“What’s wrong?”

Gerald asked.

“Gerald, you… do you know Mr. Zartyr?” Maia’s voice was extremely soft.

“Yes, I do know him! Just tell me what you want to say!” Gerald said lightly.

“You should be aware that we’re in great trouble now. If you do know him, I hope that you can help introduce us to him or at the very least, mention our names in front of him!”

Maia’s face was flushed red when she told him that.

“There’s not a problem if you want me to mention it to him. But the problem is, what will I gain out of this? Give me one good reason why I should help you.”

Gerald smiled and said.


“How about this? You can come into the villa with Isabelle to discuss it. But only the two of you are allowed to come in.”

Gerald said.


After that, Gerald hung up the phone.

Clearly, Isabelle and the others heard their conversion.

“Ah? Maia, what do you think? Why did Gerald ask only the two of us to enter that villa? You do know that I fought with him before. Not to mention the countless times we’ve gotten into a verbal fight. I’m worried about what he’ll do to me when I…”

It seemed like Isabelle had it all thought out beforehand. She then turned away, blushing shyly.

“No, he wouldn’t dare to do that… I don’t believe that he’ll do anything to us. I know what sort of a person he is. After we enter the villa, let me talk to him. You can just stay behind me!”

Maia thought to herself, ‘Gerald, you’re quite capable now, aren’t you? But I don’t buy it, not one bit. What can you really do?’

Both Maia and Isabelle were then led into the villa by one of the servants working there.

Mr. Zartyr’s villa was indeed very spacious.

There were more than ten servants downstairs.

That person led the two of them up to the first floor.

In a large conference room.

“Mr. Crawford is in there.”

The servant said respectfully.

“Alright, thanks!”

Maia’s voice sounded nervous.

She opened the door and entered the conference room, to discover that it was packed to the brim.

Most of them were middle-aged people, and their secretaries were there with them too.

There were at least forty people sitting inside.

Nearly all of those middle-aged men were famous businessmen in Salford Province.

Maia knew a handful of them from reading the newspapers.

Isabelle on the other hand, knew instantly that these were all big shots.

Hence, the atmosphere became tense all of a sudden.

What made both Maia and Isabelle so nervous was the fact that Gerald was sitting at the seat of honor at the conference desk.

On the other hand, Mr. Zartyr was seated next to Gerald.

“You guys should head out now. I’d like to talk to them alone. Mr. Zartyr, remember to come back here after you’re done with business,” announced Gerald.

“Yes, Mr. Crawford!”

That group of people got up from their seats and said in unison.

That scene frightened both Maia and Isabelle even more.

It was only after they all left the room that both Maia and Isabelle snapped out of their mental haze.

Gerald smiled and looked at them. “Do sit down. Why are you standing there?”

“Gerald, they… Why did they address you as Mr. Crawford?”

Maia gulped nervously after she asked the question with a hint of disbelief in her voice.

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